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HACKNEY councillors in east London called three vanloads of police last week to intimidate parents and young children lobbying a meeting over nursery cuts.

How safety cuts killed Simon Jones

THE FAMILY of a 24 year old student, Simon Jones, who was killed at work, won an important battle in the high court last week...

Strikes force out French Blunkett

STRIKES AND protests scored a major victory in France this week. Prime minister Lionel Jospin, who leads the French equivalent of the Labour Party in Britain, was forced to ditch two key cabinet minis

Victory in the air at Boeing

VLADIMIR PUTIN, the butcher of Chechnya, won the election for president of Russia on Sunday, and swiftly announced that his first foreign visit will be to see Tony Blair...

Socialists campaign in London elections

CAMPAIGNERS FOR the London Socialist Alliance (LSA) are mobilising people for the Greater London Assembly election on 4 May. The LSA is backing Ken Livingstone for mayor and is contesting all the seat...

Bus workers

STAGECOACH BUS workers across Ayrshire were on strike again on Monday

Unionist vote threatens hopes for peace

NORTHERN Ireland's Unionists have shown they are not prepared to make even the smallest concession to achieve peace.


A FAMILY of Roma Gypsies from the Czech Republic who have settled successfully in the north east of England are fighting their deportation.

Blunkett panics

EDUCATION secretary David Blunkett is panicking over his plan for performance related pay for teachers.

Homeless are chucked out

Homeless are chucked out

�800 an hour grabber

THE NEW Labour peer in charge of hunting down benefit fraud earns up to �800 an HOUR for his work as a barrister.

Poison in this fruit

THE FIRST time I saw the film A Clockwork Orange it was on a dodgy pirate video round a mate's house one drunken Friday night.


LECTURERS AT Northumbria University launched a ban on marking last week in protest

Bankrolling the bigots

Brian Souter, the boss of Stagecoach, and his sister, Ann Gloag, are the richest people in Scotland, worth �565 million.

Stab in back

BOEING WORKERS in the US have won a brilliant victory after nearly six weeks on all-out strike. Nearly 20,000 white collar engineers and technicians at the giant airplane company marched back to work ...

Blair's friend put in


More media lies on refugees

"FURY AS 'Refugee' Beasts Rape Girl". That was the Sun headline last week. It was the latest example of the media's lies designed to whip up hatred against refugees fleeing persecution."...

Furious in Brum

THE MOOD in the West Midlands round Saturday's march is electric...

New report slams Britain's spray happy police

The PCA says, "If CS spray is used at close range it may cause burns to the eyes and face." Every force in England and Wales except three uses CS spray....

Picket of the asset stripper Alchemy

"EVERYBODY realises that if they can get rid of Sarah they can get rid of anybody. You've got to protect your union rep. Now we need to get everyone else involved."

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