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Pledge on rail safety breached

RAILTRACK will stay in charge of rail safety despite last year's Paddington crash.

Schools handed to the privateers

EVERY SECONDARY school in Glasgow will be hit by privatisation under new plans approved by the Labour council...


AROUND 100 parents and children protested against the threatened closure of Rockwood Nursery in Burnley recently.

Candy Udwin-25 years fighting for our health service

CANDY UDWIN is a medical receptionist at UCLH hospitals in central London. She has devoted the last 25 years to fighting for a decent health service.

'Fight is back on'

THE SKY Chefs dispute is back on. The deal that was to end the 14 month long dispute has come apart at the seams.

Students: politics and action


Greater London Assembly elections

"THE LONDON Socialist Alliance is what thousands of people have been waiting for. It's a great chance to tell Tony Blair what we think of his Tory policies."

There's a history of fighting back

THE ENTRY of the far right Freedom Party into the Austrian government has rightly ignited anti-fascist protests across Europe...

Blair's fox men

IS NEW Labour really committed to banning fox hunting? Several members of the committee charged by the government with investigating the impact of a ban have links with pro-hunting groups...

Trimble tramples on hopes again

THE government, the Ulster Unionists and the media have all put the blame on the IRA for the current threat to peace in Northern Ireland.

'Racists, police, the media won't divide us'

A LOT of Jason's white friends are too scared to speak out. I want all of us to join together and fight this. We have already lost two members of our family and no one should have to go through that

Austria resists

"THREE IN four Austrians voted against Haider. He is a fascist. We don't want to go back to the 1930s." That is what Vienna housewife Beatrix Vasegak told Socialist Worker last Saturday...

'Police did not give a damn'

Cliff McGowan, whose brother Errol and nephew Jason were found hanged in Telford after receiving racist death threats, has spoken out against the police. Cliff told Socialist Worker, "The police made us feel that Errol's life didn't matter. As far as they were concerned he'd taken his own life, and that was it. "I asked, 'What will it take to change your mind?' They said, 'Bring us some evidence.' I thought that was their job."

Asylum briefs

£10,000 to visit your relatives The government is to demand a bond of up to £10,000 from people from the Indian subcontinent who want to visit relatives in Britain. This will effectively bar people from visiting their families or attending funerals and weddings.

Easy life for retired bosses

PENSIONERS ARE trying to survive on a basic £3,471 a year. But top directors retire on that much a WEEK and more, according to Labour Research.

Report slams into chicken factories

A DEVASTATING report into British abattoirs reveals "severe deficiencies" in the production of food, according to a report by vets working for the European Commission. The vets inspected a number of factories producing chicken, which counts for around 40 percent of all the meat consumed in Britain. The process used dirty equipment in run down buildings and with little inspection from qualified vets. The report also concluded that government inspections at the factories are failing. It revealed factory bosses are pressurising the inspectors into giving them a good hygiene report. Food safety expert Tim Lang says this smacks of "the worst time of the 1980s when the ministry's reflex was

Sackings, old and new

ANNESLEY - Bentinck pit in Nottinghamshire closed its doors last week after 140 years. The private firm Midland Mining took over the pit four years ago. But last December the company announced it was shutting the mine and sacking 450 workers. It is not just in the "old industries" where workers are facing unemployment. Two big internet companies announced job cuts last week., which sells designer clothes through the internet, is sacking some of its workforce, as is the world's largest online bookseller, Amazon is cutting its workforce by 150, despite the fact that the company is valued at £20 billion.

Blair's Britain

RICHARD Branson is hiking ticket prices on his Virgin Trains. Virgin now charges £150 for a standard return fare between London and Manchester. This has risen by 50 percent in three years.THOUSANDS of children are suffering serious birth injuries because of a crisis in Britain's maternity services, say the government's own figures. A shortage of midwives means that up to a third of women give birth without proper supervision.PRINCE Charles's official fortune is now at an all time high of £290 million. Most of this comes from the Duchy of Cornwall. Profits from the estate gave Charles an income of £7 million last year.NEW LABOUR is planning to let the

Rage against injustice

A CROWD of 12,000 people packed into a London venue on Friday of last week to see US band Rage Against the Machine. Band members urged everyone to build support for justice campaigns like Mumia Abu-Jamal and Satpal Ram.

Two men hanged in Telford

"WHAT DOES a black family have to do to get justice? Hire their own police force, their own solicitor, their own forensic scientist?" So says Cliff McGowan, whose brother Errol was found hanged last July after suffering two years of racist harassment and death threats. Cliff's nephew Jason, who was investigating his uncle's death, was then found hanged on New Year's Day.

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