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Every nuclear sub is a threat

OVER 100 Russian sailors were trapped in a sunken nuclear submarine as Socialist Worker went to press. The accident which sent the sub to the bottom of the Barents Sea underlines just how dangerous...

Fraudsters that Blair will let into the NHS

OBSERVER journalist Nick Cohen last week exposed the rotten record of the US private health outfit hoping to cash in on new Labour's drive to privatise more of the NHS. In May HCA took over the

'Stop killng our people'


Reality behind the American dream

PRESS COVERAGE of the US Democratic Party convention was dominated by the speeches of president Bill Clinton and presidential candidate Al Gore. But as Clinton was speaking, outside the convention...

How the hysteria erupted

THE PAULSGROVE estate in Portsmouth has been at the centre of the furore around sexual abuse of children over the last fortnight. Five families have been driven off the estate after demonstrators fals

Hague's taste

WILLIAM Hague's claim that he drank 14 pints of beer a day in his youth received much publicity. The same interview also revealed an expensive taste in clothes. The total cost of his suit, tie...

The main dangers that face children

TO JUDGE by much of the media you would think that paedophiles are the main danger to children. They are not. Each year about 80 children are murdered-73 of them will be killed by their parents

Driven to suicide in 'Dickensian' jail

PHILLIP GRIFFIN was just 17 when he died. He was the latest young person to take his own life while locked up in the hell of Britain's young offenders' institutions. Conditions are so bad that last...

Labour activists leave in droves

BOB THOMSON, former treasurer of the Scottish Labour Party, summed up the feelings of thousands of traditional Lab

SWP news

Other workplace sales included 15 at the social services HQ in Sheffield, 7 at Seacroft Hospital in Leeds, and 6 at both Westbourne Park bus garage in west London and the social services office in Le

Why do people abuse children?

IT HAS been hard to find any rational debate amid all the recent press hysteria about paedophilia. Any sexual abuse of children is utterly horrific. But papers like the News of the World have deliber

Should Jubilee 2000 continue after this year?

THE LEADERS of the rich G8 countries failed to cancel any Third World debt at their summit in Okinawa last month. They have not delivered even a tenth of the pathetic promises about debt cancellation ...

"People should come first, not profit. This is our hospital. It's not for the private firms"

"People should come first, not profit. This is our hospital. It's not for the private firms"

Waging war across the globe

THE government and the press have expressed outrage at the arrest of two British police officers and two Canadians in Montenegro in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. The government claimed there was...

Getting the royal treatment

"NOT EVEN the Tsar of all the Russias would have got treatment like this." That was the stunned reaction of an Italian journalist on Tony Blair's lavish holiday arrangements...

How to organise to beat global capital?

HOW SHOULD the new movement against globalisation and the multinationals organise itself? What are its goals? Where does it go from here? These are some of the issues being debated...

News of the world retreat

THE NEWS of the World has been forced, for now, to back down from its disastrous "naming and shaming" of paedophiles...

Fury at 'social cleansing'

"I'VE LIVED in Scotswood all my life. I'm not going anywhere. We shall not be moved." So said Gwen from the Save Scotswood Campaign Group at the start of a mass meeting in Newcastle on Thursday...

Tobacco spies rival Hollywood

THE DIRTY tricks of the giant tobacco firms were exposed in the recent Al Pacino film The Insider. Now the United Nations' World Health Organisation (WHO) has blown the whistle on secret plotting...

'I never gave up fighting'

RAPHAEL ROWE is one of the M25 Three. The three black men were released last month by the court of the appeal after 12 years in jail for a murder they didn't commit. The court found that the police...

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