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Glasgow council

The two worked in the council's social work department. They were sacked last year after showing solidarity with a colleague, Roddy Slorach...

How new labour nobbled Ken Livingstone

"I DID very well in the ballot of Labour Party members in London." That was Frank Dobson's amazing claim after it was announced that he had beaten Ken Livingstone

Big vote for reform opens further splits

VOTERS IN Iran have overwhelmingly chosen candidates who stood for reform of the present system. Parliamentary elections held last week saw reform candidates win in all the major cities...

Million dead

ON TUESDAY the toll of children who have died due to debt this year reached one million.

Safety data faked at Sellafield

A DAMNING report by safety inspectors last week exposed some of the truth about Britain's nuclear industry

Blair's Britain

Promise denied

UNDER CAPITALISM the beach is a paradise where we go to escape. For the Fox studio, however, paradise is The Beach, a film with Leonardo DiCaprio...

More than just a pretty picture

THE SILVER Tassie is a powerful anti-war play written by the Irish socialist Sean O'Casey. O'Casey's plays brought home the reality of life in Dublin's slums at the start of the last century...

Low pay misery

THE HOUSE of Commons transport committee last week savaged the government's plan to privatise air traffic control services as "the worst of all possible options

But Dagenham has power to shut down Europe

"This is devastating. No one knows who is for the chop. I'll lose my house if my job goes. Or it will be somebody else. That's food out of kids' mouths. Look at the Labour Party, all fighting for one


Lobby the New Labour chair of the London fire authority Monday 28 February, 6pm

Inside the system

THE government last week called for "pay restraint" to stop the economy overheating, and then promptly ignored its own advice...

Use the loo, get the boot

"SINCE PADDINGTON the rail companies have done nothing to improve safety on the railways. Instead they have spent their time victimising union activists."...

How socialists view elections

THE government last week called for "pay restraint" to stop the economy overheating, and then promptly ignored its own advice...

Stuff Blair's stitch up Stand for a socialist alternative

Stuff Blair's stitch up Stand for a socialist alternative...

Can consumer boycotts work?

WHY SHOULD we give our money over to line the pockets of vicious multinationals?...

Building protest

Building protest

Blunkett-keep off the grass

NEW LABOUR has sold off over 100 playing fields in the last 15 months. This is despite its manifesto commitment to "end the policy of selling playing fields"....

Straw's deal with dictator

THE SPANISH independent newspaper El Pais carried a story on 3 January entitled "The Unpublished Straw-Pinochet Letters".

Blair's Britain

NEW LABOUR is retreating on its pledge to have free entry to all museums and art galleries.

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