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Shutdown in Seattle

THE BATTLE on the streets of Seattle last November against the World Trade Organisation (WTO) was the sort of event that lingers in the memory.

Crisis tearing at Labour's roots

THE LABOUR Party is in turmoil over the election for London mayor. The issue has become the lightning rod for all the anger about New Labour's betrayals, and about what sort of party Labour has become...


The 16 anti-capitalist protesters arrested for mounting the roof...

Who's guarding the Guardian?

KEEP A close watch on the Guardian now that there is a new chairman of the Guardian Media Group.

300,000 protest against Haider

IT WAS the largest demonstration in Austrian history. Some 300,000 people converged from four points in the centre of the capital, Vienna, on Saturday

Flashes of bitterness


Things They Say

Things They Say

100 years since a key meeting

ON 27 February 1900, in a church hall in Farringdon Street, London, delegates gathered to found what was to become the Labour Party.

Lobby The Scottish Labour Party Conference


One year after Lawrence inquiry

"THERE ARE still too many young people suffering and dying, and nothing has happened. All that has to change." Doreen Lawrence, mother of murdered black teenager Stephen Lawrence


THE LEADERS of the largest teachers' union in England and Wales, the NUT, have abandoned any effective fight against New Labour's plans for payment by results

Sex, violence and genes

CHILLING figures on how many women have suffered rape or sexual assault were released by the Home Office last week...

Mumia march

HUMAN rights group Amnesty International released a damning report last week into the case of Mumia Abu-Jamal

Zimbabwe: Mugabe in crisis

THE REGIME of President Mugabe in Zimbabwe, southern Africa, is in crisis after it lost the vote on a proposed new constitution last week

A Working Class Hero?

WAS JOHN Lennon an IRA-supporting Trotskyist? That's the question that kept the FBI and MI5 busy in the early 1970s and sent the press pack into a frenzy last weekend...

ATTACing the power of the global speculators

OVER 400 delegates met at this year's UNISON women's conference in Glasgow...


JOURNEY TO SHILOH (Thurs, 3.30pm, C5). An interesting 1960s Western film. GOODNESS GRACIOUS ME (Fri, 9pm, C4). The return of this great comedy show.

Bus workers

Some 1,900 workers across six garages then staged two one day official strikes last December. Action forced Centre West to increase its offer. But workers threw out the new 25 pence an hour rise offer...

Hard Day at The Beach

JOURNEY TO SHILOH (Thurs, 3.30pm, C5). An interesting 1960s Western film. GOODNESS GRACIOUS ME (Fri, 9pm, C4). The return of this great comedy show.

Be part of the left's challenge

LABOUR SUPPORTERS in London have voted against Tony Blair's handpicked candidate by a margin of over three to one.

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