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THE LEADERS of the largest teachers' union in England and Wales, the NUT, have abandoned any effective fight against New Labour's plans for payment by results

Sex, violence and genes

CHILLING figures on how many women have suffered rape or sexual assault were released by the Home Office last week...

Mumia march

HUMAN rights group Amnesty International released a damning report last week into the case of Mumia Abu-Jamal

Zimbabwe: Mugabe in crisis

THE REGIME of President Mugabe in Zimbabwe, southern Africa, is in crisis after it lost the vote on a proposed new constitution last week

A Working Class Hero?

WAS JOHN Lennon an IRA-supporting Trotskyist? That's the question that kept the FBI and MI5 busy in the early 1970s and sent the press pack into a frenzy last weekend...

ATTACing the power of the global speculators

OVER 400 delegates met at this year's UNISON women's conference in Glasgow...


JOURNEY TO SHILOH (Thurs, 3.30pm, C5). An interesting 1960s Western film. GOODNESS GRACIOUS ME (Fri, 9pm, C4). The return of this great comedy show.

Bus workers

Some 1,900 workers across six garages then staged two one day official strikes last December. Action forced Centre West to increase its offer. But workers threw out the new 25 pence an hour rise offer...

Hard Day at The Beach

JOURNEY TO SHILOH (Thurs, 3.30pm, C5). An interesting 1960s Western film. GOODNESS GRACIOUS ME (Fri, 9pm, C4). The return of this great comedy show.

Be part of the left's challenge

LABOUR SUPPORTERS in London have voted against Tony Blair's handpicked candidate by a margin of over three to one.

Support the Homerton 11

Lobby the New Labour chair of the London fire authority Monday 28 February, 6pm

Going well

Workplace sales included 22 at Riverside House council office in Greenwich, 10 at De La Rue printers in High Wycombe

What care do children need?

AS A residential social worker in a council-run children's home in Merseyside I have been shocked by the report exposing sexual and physical abuse of children in some Welsh care homes...

Pricecheck workers celebrate recognition

"PRICECHECK IS the start of the offensive in the battle for union recognition." That is how TGWU general workers' trade union officer Brian Revell described the union's recent recognition dea

Leicester care workers

"NO PAY cuts" was the chant from around 600 care workers and their supporters across Leicestershire on a march last Saturday...

Glasgow council

The two worked in the council's social work department. They were sacked last year after showing solidarity with a colleague, Roddy Slorach...

How new labour nobbled Ken Livingstone

"I DID very well in the ballot of Labour Party members in London." That was Frank Dobson's amazing claim after it was announced that he had beaten Ken Livingstone

Big vote for reform opens further splits

VOTERS IN Iran have overwhelmingly chosen candidates who stood for reform of the present system. Parliamentary elections held last week saw reform candidates win in all the major cities...

Million dead

ON TUESDAY the toll of children who have died due to debt this year reached one million.

Safety data faked at Sellafield

A DAMNING report by safety inspectors last week exposed some of the truth about Britain's nuclear industry

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