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Homerton 11 stoke mood of resistance

OVER 800 firefighters and their supporters marched through east London on Friday of last week against the threat by management to discipline and possibly sack 11 of their colleagues...

Nurses thrown out in PFI Dome view deal

STUDENT NURSES in Greenwich face eviction from their nurses' home to make way for luxury flats overlooking the Dome...

Health workers' protest

THE LABOUR Party in Wales was in turmoil this week as its leader, Alun Michael, faced a no-confidence vote in the devolved assembly.


BRISTOL: Over 50 people atten ded a meeting in Easton Community Centre, Bristol, last Sunday to protest at police harassment of the local black community.

We need unions with muscle

I WORK in a non-unionised meat production factory as an operative under the New Deal Initiative on �3.60-�3.75 an hour.

Labour bows to house of bigots

A VICTORY for bigotry, scored by a bunch of unelected and unrepresentative Tories and bishops. That is the reality of the House of Lords vote to keep the anti-gay Section 28...

Impressive street sales

Socialist Worker sellers were out last Saturday building the protests against the fascists entering the government in Austria...

Rage Against the System

OVER 12,500 young people saw US band Rage Against the Machine (RATM) and Asian Dub Foundation (ADF) in London last week. The concert was like an anti-capitalist carnival....

Murdoch in TV Labour outrage

A CEREMONY to mark 100 years of the Labour Party this month is to be run with the help of union-bashing boss Rupert Murdoch...

Money there to boost pensions

THE GOVERNMENT has a huge �6 billion surplus in the National Insurance fund. It could fund a �600 payment to each of Britain's ten million pensioners this year t...

Prescott's 'Big Bang'

THE NEW Labour government is going to privatise every council home in Britain.


WERE YOU at the N30 demonstration at Euston station, London, on 30 November 1999?

Nuclear nightmare

NUCLEAR plants dotted around Britain's coast could become lethal with rising sea levels brought by global warming...

Stop 'Maxwell' pension threat

BOSSES OF the Ford motor company refused to alter their pay offer to white collar staff at negotiations with trade unions on Monday of this week.

Pledge on rail safety breached

RAILTRACK will stay in charge of rail safety despite last year's Paddington crash.

Schools handed to the privateers

EVERY SECONDARY school in Glasgow will be hit by privatisation under new plans approved by the Labour council...


AROUND 100 parents and children protested against the threatened closure of Rockwood Nursery in Burnley recently.

Candy Udwin-25 years fighting for our health service

CANDY UDWIN is a medical receptionist at UCLH hospitals in central London. She has devoted the last 25 years to fighting for a decent health service.

'Fight is back on'

THE SKY Chefs dispute is back on. The deal that was to end the 14 month long dispute has come apart at the seams.

Students: politics and action


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