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Interview: Politics and inspiration

LEFT WING film maker Ken Loach's new movie Bread and Roses is due to be released this spring. His previous films include the brilliant Land and Freedom, about the Spanish Civil War...

This class society

A RECORD number of elderly people died of the cold last winter. The Office of National Statistics says over 49,000 people died, the worst figure for ten years...

MSF London

NEW LABOUR lost control of Islington council, north London, before Christmas after a by-election defeat....

Kosovo leak expos�

MORE MYTHS about the war in Kosovo were exposed this week by a leaked report which showed the British military were far from the efficient machine they claimed to be...

How Labour tried to outlaw strikes

THE FORMER Labour prime minister James Callaghan had a warning for Tony Blair this week.

�175,000 Socialist Worker Appeal



ANTI-RACISTS in Tottenham, north London, have called a demonstration against police racism and harassment.

Charity workers jailed by cops

TWO CHARITY workers from Cambridge were jailed in December after being accused of allowing drugs to be sold in the homeless shelter they help run...




EVERYTHING YOU WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT SEX BUT WERE AFRAID TO ASK (Sat, 12.30am, C4). Woody Allen comedy. Worth watching just to see the sketch about parachuting sperm

Inside the Millennium Dome: A corporate theme park

"IT IS all about big business and commerce." That is what one Dome helper whispered to us as we visited the Millennium Dome on New Year's Day....

The issues that will not go away

THE BARBARITIES which marked the last century have continued into this one. War rages in Chechnya and in central Africa. The climatic changes caused by global warming have brought disaste

West praises Putin, the butcher of Grozny

WESTERN leaders welcomed the appointment of Vladimir Putin as stand-in president of Russia when Boris Yeltsin stepped down last week...

When I come home it's 'Hello stranger'

"THE YEAR 2000-the year of leisure" was the theme of a two day conference I went to when I was at a further education college in 1980. We were told that new technology would lead to a shorter working

Beluga, bolly and billions

m into disarray

Forcing us to work longer

A HIGH court judge tore himself away from his goose, vintage port and cigars to wreck the Christmas break for hundreds of rail workers...

Fight for a better world

Seattle shows new mood

Russian army makes Grozny hell on earth

THE 20th century is ending with the horror of Russia's barbaric war against Chechen civilians. As Socialist Worker went to press 40,000 people were still trapped in Grozny after Russian generals threatened last week to annihilate the Chechen capital. Most of those sheltering from the onslaught were too old, sick and frail to leave the city.

Most dangerous beef in Europe

THE TABLOID press has launched a frenzy of French bashing after the French government refused to lift its ban on British beef. Tory politicians and papers such as the Daily Mail have led the pack. Now others are joining in. The Mirror has launched a "Say Non To French Golden Delicious" campaign. The Scottish Daily Record ran a page article on how France has always "betrayed" Scotland.

Homeless under attack

New Labour's "homelessness tsar" has insulted people living on the streets yet again.

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