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Bad news day for management at SMG

ABOUT 300 media workers in the journalists' NUJ union and the technicians' BECTU union at STV and Grampian Television struck on Wednesday of last week...

Journey through hatred

REVIEWERS have heaped praise on Zadie Smith's novel White Teeth. This young black novelist charts a changing Britain through the lives and pasts of a group of west Londoners.

Well done, Brum

Socialist Worker sellers in the West Midlands reacted brilliantly last week in the build-up to Saturday's magnificent demonstration. Each day they were out leafleting and petitioning outside workplace

Bus workers

BUS AND rail workers in Ireland paralysed transport in the capital, Dublin, last week...

Titles for Tories and fat cats

TWO BARCLAYS Bank bosses were paid more than 3 million between them last year. Chairman Sir Peter Middleton's salary has QUADRUPLED to 1.76 million. That included salary and fees of 947,000...

Norfolk and Norwich Hospital

THE STRIKE by electricians at the Norfolk and Norwich PFI hospital site has ended.

100,000 on Birmingham jobs march

THIS WAS the angry scene last Saturday as up to 100,000 people marched through Birmingham.

Justice for Christopher Alder

Justice for Christopher Alder


ANGEL MAKOLY, a student, has been jailed for two years on violent disorder charges arising out of the J18 demonstration against capitalism in the City of London last summer.

Gearing up for Rover demo

THE ATMOSPHERE across the Midlands was electric this week as a groundswell of support erupted for Rover workers and the march to save their jobs.

Dark clouds

ALCHEMY announced its new chairman last week. It is Brandon Gough He is a fat cat who got 120,000 a year for a two day week as head of the privatised Yorkshire Water.

After the march step up the fight

The last week has been a turning point for many people. Never again will they feel secure in their job. A crazy market system is bringing more job losses, more poverty, more suffering and more despair...


HACKNEY councillors in east London called three vanloads of police last week to intimidate parents and young children lobbying a meeting over nursery cuts.

How safety cuts killed Simon Jones

THE FAMILY of a 24 year old student, Simon Jones, who was killed at work, won an important battle in the high court last week...

Strikes force out French Blunkett

STRIKES AND protests scored a major victory in France this week. Prime minister Lionel Jospin, who leads the French equivalent of the Labour Party in Britain, was forced to ditch two key cabinet minis

Victory in the air at Boeing

VLADIMIR PUTIN, the butcher of Chechnya, won the election for president of Russia on Sunday, and swiftly announced that his first foreign visit will be to see Tony Blair...

Socialists campaign in London elections

CAMPAIGNERS FOR the London Socialist Alliance (LSA) are mobilising people for the Greater London Assembly election on 4 May. The LSA is backing Ken Livingstone for mayor and is contesting all the seat...

Bus workers

STAGECOACH BUS workers across Ayrshire were on strike again on Monday

Unionist vote threatens hopes for peace

NORTHERN Ireland's Unionists have shown they are not prepared to make even the smallest concession to achieve peace.


A FAMILY of Roma Gypsies from the Czech Republic who have settled successfully in the north east of England are fighting their deportation.

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