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SARAH FRIDAY, the sacked health and safety union rep at London's Waterloo station, has won her ballot for strike action...

Strikers stone Souter's scabs

BUS WORKERS in Ayr, south west Scotland, staged an angry one day strike last Saturday.

Ayling dives

POVERTY is leading to a soaring depression and suicides in Wales, according to a new survey. The report, "Mapping Social Exclusion in Wales", shows that more than half of all households in Wales have ...

New Labour's betrayed us

TO BE unemployed today is to feel like a hunted animal. Listen to any speech by a Labour minister...


HOW TORY can New Labour chancellor Gordon Brown get? Not content with thieving all their economic policies, he is now filching all the Tories' lies and hypocrisy...

What can you buy with 10p?


Sarah Friday

POSTAL WORKERS at Leamington Spa sorting office have shown how to fight victimisations. They walked out without a ballot and won.

Film roundup

THREE KINGS is set in the hours following the Iraqi surrender which ended the 1991 Gulf War. It begins with the US troops' bullish victory celebrations. ...

The NHS sums do not add up

A STRING of Britain's biggest businesses have "donated" employees to work in key government departments, an investigation by the Observer reveals.

Spain's right victory

THE TORY Popular Party romped home in Sunday's election in Spain. It stayed in office, winning 44.5 percent of the votes...

Hain's shame on Zimbabwe

PETER HAIN, who won renown as a fighter against apartheid South Africa, is now defending white farmers against the majority black population in Zimbabwe

Missing rifles

MORE THAN 1,000 sufferers from the killer disease multiple sclerosis (MS) lobbied parliament last week over fears that vital drugs they depend on could be banned from NHS prescription..

They've lied to us all

Blunkett lied about selection in schoolStraw lied about civil liberties Dobson lied about NHS waiting lists"...

Chance to argue for socialism

THE HEAD of the Roman Catholic church in Scotland, Cardinal Winning, is being praised as a model for "family values" in his campaign to keep the anti-gay Section 28 law.

How do we get sexual liberation?

International Women's Day began as a day to mark the struggles of working class women. Today the fight against sexism is far from over. If you pick up a newspaper you will find sexist pin-ups of women...

Butcher Pinochet makes a miraculous 'recovery'

"HE BOARDED the aeroplane a destroyed man and with the passing hours he began to recover." That admission came from the daughter of former Chilean dictator General Pinochet this week. It came just hou...

Four on dole for every vacancy

TRADE UNION leaders have slammed chancellor Gordon Brown's claim that there are jobs for those who want them. The TUC trade union body tears the government's claim apart in a new report this week...


"TEACHERS have been saying we have to do something." That is how Paul Vernell of the National Union of Teachers in south Gloucestershire describes the response of teachers to the government's plan

Mumia must live!

AROUND 1,000 people marched through central London last Saturday as part of a day of action to stop the execution of Mumia Abu-Jamal, on death row in the US for 17 years after being framed for murder...

'Now let's hear from an atheist'

YOU ARE listening to a radio or TV discussion. It's about morals. Four people are getting to grips with a problem such as euthanasia. Or perhaps they're thinking about victims of violence.

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