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Did British government and Libyan regime conspire to torture suspect?

New revelations about accusations that involve Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson plans power grab for cops and border guards amid coronavirus crisis

The Tories plan to grab more powers for the police and immigration officials under the guise of tackling the coronavirus crisis.

Workers’ action wins safety demands over coronavirus

More trade unionists are organising in their workplaces to protect people from coronavirus.

Even in the coronavirus crisis, we’ll keep up the fight

When there is a social and economic crisis, socialists call for mass collective action. We say take to the streets, gather in meetings and hold rallies.

Reports round-up - climate strike, Ferry and Tube action and more

School climate strikers walked out on Friday last week in Sheffield.

Strike at St Mungo’s for conditions and homeless service

Around 500 workers at the St Mungo’s homelessness charity began a three-day strike on Monday over attempts to push through worse terms and conditions.

Thousands of council workers are set for Tower Hamlets strike

around 4,000 workers in Tower Hamlets, east London, are set to strike on Tuesday of next week.

Coronavirus round up: Profiteering rich look for handouts as they slash jobs

Bosses want to cash in from the coronavirus crisis. Billionaire Richard Branson’s Virgin Atlantic demanded “emergency credit facilities to a value of £5 billion to £7.5 billion”.

Tories lurch from chaos to crisis to help bosses

Boris Johnson signalled a shift in the Tories’ approach to coronavirus on Monday. It follows growing anger at the government response. But the Tories are still putting ordinary people at risk.

Met police forced to pay out damages to Muslim woman

A Muslim woman who was forced to remove her hijab under terror laws at London Heathrow Airport has won a “substantial damage payment” from the police.

Demand to open detention centres over coronavirus sickness fears

Detainee rights organisations have said the Tories should “immediately release all immigration detainees”.

Keep up the ‘four fights’ after success of university strikes

The UCU union has delayed a planned reballot of workers for strikes due to the coronavirus crisis.

Anger over unsafe work conditions spurs some coronavirus strikes

Several groups of workers have taken the issue of coronavirus safety into their own hands.

Coronavirus—‘We need emergency action’

The Socialist Workers Party has made a statement calling for urgent measures to tackle the coronavirus crisis and protect people's lives

Italian workers fight to shape response to coronavirus

Strikes and protests have won concessions from bosses and the state

It’s a hard slog but we want to keep fighting, say university strikers

Tens of thousands of university workers are nearing the end of a wave of inspiring walkouts that have challenged the status quo in universities.

Tory budget will not undo decade of austerity damage

Chancellor Rishi Sunak unleashed a splurge of borrowing. But even the official forecasts say it won't kick start the economy, and it won't reverse the effects of cuts.

Fascists and racist state attack refugees in Lesvos

As the European Union (EU) encourages police violence against migrants at Greece’s border with Turkey, Nazis are targeting refugees on the island of Lesvos.

Transport round up: No delays in campaign to build big Tube strike vote

Workers on the London Underground are driving through a campaign to get a solid yes vote in their strike ballot.

Education round up: Chance to escalate sixth form strikes

Workers in 34 sixth form colleges took their sixth day of strikes on Tuesday, in a battle to win more funding and pay.

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