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Industrial round-up: Post workers hold large rallies over Royal Mail pension attack

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Anger over jobcentre cuts

Benefits campaigners and trade unionists are demanding action to stop the closure of nearly one in ten jobcentres.

Parents plan a London carnival in reaction to Tory school funding cuts

Parents, school workers, children and others will gather in central London this Sunday for a carnival against the cuts.

Right wing Labour MPs lash out at the idea of being ‘accountable’ to undermine Corbyn

Labour MPs have launched a fresh attack on members of their own party.

International round up: Egypt to put Israel’s man in Gaza?

Palestinian Authority (PA) president Mahmoud Abbas met with Egyptian dictator Abdel Fattah el-Sisi last Sunday.

The Tory crisis creates an unmissable chance to end the public sector pay cap

Anger at the public sector pay cap has opened up rifts at the top of the Tory party.

Durham TAs reject rotten deal

Teaching assistants (TAs) have rejected the latest offer from Labour-run Durham County Council.

Father of Edson Da Costa speaks out - killer cops need to be stopped

The father of a man who died after being stopped by police in east London has spoken to Socialist Worker about the battle for justice.

East London hospital workers begin a week-long walkout against Serco bosses

Support is growing for east London hospital workers taking on multinational outsourcing giant Serco as they launched a week-long walkout today, Tuesday.

Marxism Festival 2017 - debating how to fight for socialism

Around 2,500 people took part in Marxism Festival 2017 in central London from Thursday to Sunday last week.

Coordinated train strikes hit rail bosses as their lies over attacks on safety unravel

Workers on three rail networks walked out in a coordinated day of strikes today, Monday. Meanwhile bosses’ arguments for the changes that will undermine safety were unravelling.

Marxism Festival vows to fight injustice - and for a better world

Around 1,000 people crammed into the final rally of Marxism Festival in central London today, Sunday. There was a confident atmosphere and a mood to fight - alongside deep anger at the system.

Optimism over Corbyn and a mood to fight the Tories at the Durham Miners’ Gala

Thousands cheered Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn this afternoon, Saturday, as he encouraged the crowds at the Durham Miners' Gala to campaign to force the Tories out.

Tens of thousands join demonstrations against the G20 in Hamburg

"What the G20 is doing is part of a general attack on the working class, we have to take that on."

Pride should be political, no matter what the organisers and corporate bosses say

 London Pride celebrates LGBT+ rights, but firefighters should lead it, not banks

Picturehouse workers strike for 50th time in pay fight

Workers at five Picturehouse cinemas across London walked out yesterday, Friday, in the fiftieth strike of their long-running dispute.

Riot cops’ repression fails to stop protests against the G20 leaders in Hamburg

Thousands of protesters are back on the streets of Hamburg, Germany, after brutal police assaults on them last night, Thursday.

Furious meeting slams Sir Martin Moore-Bick over Grenfell Tower fire inquiry

Tenants and residents slammed Sir Martin Moore-Bick at a furious meeting of survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire last night, Thursday.

Opening rally at Marxism Festival says, ‘We can change the world’

Hundreds of people joined an upbeat opening rally at the Marxism Festival in central London this evening, Thursday. The four-day political festival is hosted by the Socialist Workers Party (SWP).

Workers and benefits activists call for action to save jobcentres

Benefits campaigners and trade unionists are demanding action to stop the closure of nearly one in ten jobcentres.

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