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Homelessness crisis is deepening further during virus chaos 

Eviction bans and a government scheme claiming to house homeless people during the pandemic are failing ordinary people.

Schools are major spreaders of coronavirus—but Tories keep them open

The Tories are risking lives by keeping schools and colleges open—and are undermining the latest coronavirus lockdown.

Avoidable coronavirus spike means hospitals will have to limit services

Routine NHS care is being delayed in an attempt to cope with the devastating second Covid-19 spike.

More victories for cleaners + Stop attacks on McKenzie + 40,000 balloted in BT + Bin workers’ fight in Doncaster

 Facebook cleaning workers who work for the outsourcing company To Go have won the London living wage off the back of protests.

The Tories backtrack after school meals theft

After weeks of insisting that the meals would only be provided in term time, the government has said it will provide them during holidays too.

Compulsory job cuts beaten at Heriot-Watt after workers threaten strike

Planned strikes at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh have been called off after bosses backed down.

Cash out—change at the top of the RMT union

The RMT union’s annual general meeting (AGM) saw the resignation of the general secretary after a rebuff by delegates.

Rulers delay real climate action while scientists warn of global devastation

The horrific effects of catastrophic climate change become clearer by the day.

Grenfell inquiry hears of distorted tests as key firm refuses to testify

The Grenfell Tower Inquiry heard further evidence this week that profit and commercial priorities were more important than safety.

Strikers battle for jobs at Barnoldswick Rolls-Royce plant

Workers in Lancashire have begun three weeks of strikes to save hundreds of jobs.

Students tear down fencing at Manchester campus as rage boils at lockdown treatment

Students say they have been treated with contempt by the authorities during the pandemic

Jobs still at risk despite furlough extension

Tory chancellor Rishi Sunak has announced that the furlough scheme will be extended across Britain until the end of March.

Barnoldswick battle to stop 350 job losses

Barnoldswick battle to stop 350 job losses

Reports round-up—Optare strikers keep up the struggle for pay justice


Facebook cleaners win, but fights go on

Fifteen cleaning workers will keep their jobs on the same contracts and hours at Facebook headquarters in London on the back of weeks of protest.

Spy cops inquiry gives glimpse of scale of state infiltration

An inquiry has told 19 families that their dead children’s identities were stolen by spycops

Debates and divisions in unions and the left on how to respond to the attacks in Labour

Two online rallies revealed debates on how the left should respond to the right’s assault.

Keir Starmer’s suspension of Jeremy Corbyn means war on the left

There is now no doubt that Labour leader Keir Starmer is determined to drive the left out of the party—or force it into ­humiliated submission.

Education workers demand schools close during lockdown, and discuss how to make it happen

The Tory plan leaves schools, colleges and universities – major sources of virus transmission – open

People Before Profit campaigners demand more jobs protection for workers

Hundreds of people joined an online rally and physical protests against the “job loss nightmare” on Halloween.

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