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Reports round up: Test for bosses from Large Goods Vehicle examiners

Test for bosses from Large Goods Vehicle examiners

Frimley health workers strike to stay with the NHS

Hundreds of health workers in Berkshire and Surrey were set to launch a three-day walkout against privatisation on Wednesday this week.

Will racism get worse after the election?

Migrants, Muslims and minorities fear attacks in the wake of Boris Johnson’s win.

Start the resistance now and keep building it till Johnson and the government are out

Rage against the Tories was on the streets of towns and cities across Britain last week.

Boris Johnson is set for further battles

Boris Johnson had a spring in his step after the Tories’ resounding win over the Labour Party in the general election last week.

Democratic Unionist Party bigots rejected

The general election saw Northern Ireland return more non-unionist than unionist MPs to Westminster for the first time.

Independence demonstration can deepen Scottish resistance to Tories

A demonstration for Scottish independence in Glasgow on 11 January is set to be huge.

Climate talks crash as world leaders fail to set new targets

The United Nations’ Cop 25 conference said it would focus on stopping climate change. Instead it showed world leaders are unable to protect the planet, says Sarah Bates

New attack on right to strike, but workers can derail the Tories

Privateering prime ­minister Boris Johnson was set to announce plans to attack workers’ rights in the queen’s speech this week.

Thousands join angry marches against Boris Johnson

Rage against the Tories was on the streets of London on Friday evening as around 2,000 people joined a demonstration outside Downing Street. 

After the vote - activists look at what the results show and how to resist Tory rule

Labour Party members, socialists and campaigners spoke to Socialist Worker on Friday about what the general election has shown and how to build resistance to the Tories.

After the election, keep up the fight against Tory rule

In a bitter blow the Tories have won a substantial majority in parliament after Thursday’s general election.

Jeremy Corbyn calls for redistributing wealth and power at final campaign rally

A great wave of hope swept through people at Corbyn’s election rally on Wednesday night.

International round up: Biggest protest in Hong Kong for months

Protesters in Hong Kong staged their biggest demonstration in six months last Sunday.

Strikes and marches challenge Algeria vote

Algerian workers began a four-day general strike last Sunday to protest against a fraudulent presidential election scheduled for this week.

Firms plot to keep profits in case of Labour win

Top bosses have shown their contempt for democracy by taking measures to avoid Labour’s renationalisation plans.

Tory Brexit drive behind divisions with business

The Financial Times newspaper and The Economist refused to call for a vote for the Tories.

Deadly NHS crisis shames Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson doesn’t care about the NHS—or the deaths and pain caused by Tory cuts.

Resist racist Nigel Farage’s fake anti-establishment act

Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party went into this Thursday’s general election in turmoil, running at just 3 percent in opinion polls.

Big rallies for Corbyn show a mood for radical ideas

A mass rally in Bristol showed the potential behind Corbyn’s campaign, despite sneering from sections of the media

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