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New term signals big battles ahead for university and college workers

New term signals big battles ahead for university and college workers

Rich states hoard jabs as pharma companies profit

If Britain’s vaccine hoarding and uptake trends continue, it will take the world’s poorest countries until 2078 to vaccinate their populations

Labour uses transphobia in an appeal to right and Tory voters

The Labour Party is throwing oppressed people under the bus in a bid to win over Tory voters.

Climate activists are right to block roads

The Tories and right wing media have launched huge attacks on the climate action group, Insulate Britain. But Sophie Squire argues that in the face of government inaction and repression it’s right for protests to be disruptive

No delays—turn anger over NHS pay into united strikes

Furious health workers are pushing unions to step up the fight after record-breaking votes to reject the Tories’ imposed 3 percent “pay rise”.

Chaos of the market fuelled the gas crisis

Privatisation and deregulation mean swathes of people could lose their gas supplier—and the people to blame want us to pay

Stand with Paul Holmes + Glasgow protest + Uber strike

Paul’s bosses at Kirklees council suspended him in November 2019.

Liverpool Pride + Royal Parks + Dpac protest + GKN + Weetabix

‘Pride is not for profit,’ say Merseyside marchers

Pay battles on the Manchester trams + transport round-up

Over 300 drivers and supervisors on the Greater Manchester Metrolink tram network were set to strike this weekend over pay.

A ‘just transition’ to climate jobs is essential

A “just transition” for ­workers is a phrase that was initially coined by trade unions and taken up by environmental activists and NGOs alike.

Boris Johnson’s reshuffle promotes his fans and ‘culture war’ warriors

The reshuffle tells us something about where the Tories are going.

Attica riot 1971—‘We aren’t beasts, we won’t be beaten’

Fifty years ago prisoners in a US jail exploded in revolt. Sam Ord looks at the resistance—and the state’s revenge

Tory Priti Patel gets the ‘decisive’ police action against climate activists she ordered

Cops arrested almost 50 people on Friday on suspicion of conspiracy to cause a public nuisance.

NHS workers reject pay award—now it’s time for strikes

Over 90 percent of nurses in the RCN union have said no to the government’s insulting 3 percent offer.

Surge in inflation shows unions must lead fight over pay

Workers’ living standards have taken another hammering after inflation rose at its fastest recorded rate last month.

Pandemic was ‘golden ticket’ for cops to harass black people

Black people were more likely to be stopped by cops, threatened or subject to police violence and falsely accused of rule-breaking and wrong-doing during the pandemic.

Keir Starmer’s speech woos union leaders but offers too little to workers

Labour leader Keir Starmer promised very little for workers and rank and file trade unionists when he spoke to the TUC union congress on Tuesday.

TUC union conference—we need a fightback

The TUC union federation congress this week heard plenty of denunciations of the government, but very little sign of a serious fightback.

High costs force low paid parents to cut back on food to afford childcare

A survey of more than 20,000 working parents has concluded that the government’s childcare policies are grossly inadequate.

Build on the anger after Tory plans for care fall apart

A few days after parliament overwhelmingly passed the first round of the government’s social care bill, Tory MPs are already having jitters.

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