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Top bosses’ pay soars by 11% as workers suffer wage freezes

While workers face wage curbs and freezes, bosses’ pay is soaring away.

Trade union leaders pile pressure onto Labour to silence criticism of Israel

Trade Union leaders and allies of Corbyn have put increasing pressure on him to adopt a definition of antisemitism that restricts criticism of Israel.

Corbyn says he’s right to stand up for Palestine

Labour’s leader showed how to turn the tables on the right by bringing solidarity with Palestinians to the fore

Tory housing green paper will not solve the crisis - we need more council housing

The Tories announced their new social housing green paper on Tuesday.

Boris Johnson’s racist rant makes Muslim women a target

Muslim women are facing growing attacks in the wake of Tory MP Boris Johnson’s racist rant.

Johnson’s burqa attack gives boost to far right

Former foreign secretary is feeding on years of Tory Islamophobia, writes Tomáš Tengely-Evans

Tories face backlash over paltry pay deal for doctors

A growing number of health workers are frustrated with Tory proposals that mean they will only receive below-inflation pay rises.

Unofficial post strikes deliver results

Some 150 postal workers staged an unofficial strike at a Royal Mail delivery office In Grimsby, Lincolnshire, last Thursday.

Reports round up: Crane builders’ walkout aims for higher pay offer

Crane manufacturing workers struck on Thursday and Friday of last week over an “inadequate” pay offer.

Vote to reject the unjust Ministry of Justice pay plan in PCS union

The civil service workers’ PCS union is urging its members who work for the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) to reject a pay plan tied to cuts to working conditions.

North Sea oil workers stage strikes to defend rotas

North Sea oil rig workers struck for 12 hours on Monday and a 24-hour strike is planned for Monday 20 August.

Northern Rail workers keep up their safety battle as ticket prices soar - again

Workers on Northern Rail have announced three new strikes as bosses “make a mockery” of negotiations.

The Prague Spring of 1968—50 years since the uprising that fought Stalinism

Czechoslovakia had been one of Stalinist Russia’s most economically advanced and politically reliable satellite states. Then, in 1968, the monolith suddenly cracked open. Tomáš Tengely-Evans explains what happened

Hundreds of home care strikers and supporters join march in Birmingham

Around 400 home care workers and their supporters staged a lively march through the centre of Birmingham last Saturday.

The importance of politics for the art of Orson Welles

Mark Cousins’ documentary The Eyes of Orson Welles brings vividly to life the passions, politics and power of the filmmaker. He spoke to Simon Basketter about his work and how Welles still resonates today

Housing bosses ignored fire warnings given before Grenfell blaze

Housing bosses knew that Grenfell Tower was unsafe and did nothing to fix it, according to damning new evidence.

Supporters pack into Bookmarks bookshop for day of solidarity after Nazi attack

Solidarity poured in from across the left and the labour movement to socialist bookshop Bookmarks

Anti-racists protest outside Boris Johnson’s office over Islamophobic article

Anti-racists held a lively picket outside Tory MP Boris Johnson’s office in west London

Campaigners protest as Northamptonshire council votes through brutal cuts plan

Northamptonshire County Council (NCC) voted through swingeing cuts on Wednesday. Council services are set to be completely decimated.

Migrant workers wage fight against low pay in London

Two groups of mainly migrant workers are waging a fight against low pay in London.

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