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Tower Hamlets strikers block road as defiant resistance continues

Workers in east London finished their latest round of strikes by marching to demand the Labour council call off their attacks.

Tories fiddle figures to hide truth about virus death toll

The government’s estimate of the number of people in England who have died from coronavirus was last week reduced by more than 5,000—leading to a wave of suspicion that it was an attempt to manipulate the figures.

Interview with Catalan political prisoner Jordi Cuixart - ‘The state does not tolerate being questioned’

Jordi Cuixart, president of the biggest pro-independence organisation in Catalonia, was interviewed by David Karvala, just as the Spanish Supreme Court sent Cuixart back to prison after a short period of parole in his nine-year sentence for organising protests

Production continues as 300 workers test positive for Covid-19 at sandwich plant

Overpriced, pre-packaged sandwiches shouldn’t be a matter of life and death, but for Greencore factory workers that could be the case.

Furious students protest over A-Levels scandal

Students marched in central London on Friday demanding that Tory education secretary Gavin Williamson resign. They chanted 'No Tories, no cheats, no Eton elites'.

Tower Hamlets strikers savage Labour mayor and his vicious attacks

Workers in east London have fired the opening shot in the latest round of council strikes.

Take to streets against Tory exams injustice

The downgrading of student A-Level results across England and Wales is a disgraceful attack that has to be resisted.

Poorest show ‘early signs’ of malnutrition in coronavirus crisis

Poor people are in a food crisis—with many showing “early signs” of malnutrition.

Tory retreat on exams still fails to make the grade

The Tories are scrambling to try and contain an outpouring of anger over student exam results. Fury at the downgrading of hundreds of thousands of students’ grades has pushed education secretary Gavin Williamson into a humiliating retreat.

Workers’ strikes and protests increase pressure on regime in Belarus

Resistance to Belarusian president Aleksander Lukashenko’s regime is growing in the streets and workplaces.

Debenhams workers speak out after ‘heartbreaking’ redundancies’

Around 2,500 Debenhams workers were cruelly sacked by profiteering bosses on Tuesday, as the retail giant announced massive cuts in the department stores and warehouses. 

Heatwaves show need for action on climate

People are paying with their lives as extreme weather hits across the world, reports Sarah Bates

Solidarity with the fightback in universities

UCU union activists planed protests and rallies on Thursday this week against mass job cuts and the gutting of education.

NHS pay revolt—union wage claim does not match what workers need

Activists at the forefront of the pay revolt have come out against union leaders’ attempts to dampen down workers’ demands.  

Strikes called at Tate after bosses cut hundreds of jobs

Over 100 workers at the Tate galleries in London are set to strike next week over job cuts.

Back Paul Holmes for Unison union leader

SUPPORT IS growing for Paul Holmes to be the next Unison union general secretary. Nominations for the post opened this week.

Back new strikes by Tower Hamlets council workers

A THREE-DAY strike was set to hit Tower Hamlets council this week, with workers planning to walk out to defend terms and conditions.

Tories’ racist migrant plan is a death sentence for refugees

The government is using racist scapegoating against desperate refugees trying to cross the English Channel and reach safety.

Tories try to justify an unsafe return to schools

Boris Johnson has made it his “national priority” to get all children back to school next month regardless of whether it is safe.

Hundreds demand justice for victims of police brutality in north London

Over 700 people gathered in Tottenham, north London, to protest against police brutality on Saturday.

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