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Papers show Tories thought poll tax ‘proceeding smoothly’

Margaret Thatcher was threatened with a fine for failing to register herself for the hated poll tax which triggered her downfall.

Farepak rip off continues a decade after firm’s collapse

Ten years on from the scandalous collapse of Christmas hamper firm Farepak, its victims are still out of pocket

Cops get new shock weapon as evidence of fatal use rises

Police officers across Britain are expected to be issued with a new and more powerful Taser gun.

How we got Ukip to cancel their march

Nigel Farage promised to lead a march of 100,000 on the Supreme Court this weekend. So where are they? No one seems to know.

Snooper’s charter passed to give the spooks more power

Parliament passed the Investigatory Powers Bill last week

Gas giants under fire for ‘hidden’ profits

The main energy firms are making much bigger profits than they claim, and other stories about the Tories and the rich

The Troublemaker

The Daily Mail was outraged last week at Fifa’s poppy ban. But it found an extra angle to get the venom really flowing.

Ukip candidates fall out over ‘homosexual donkey’ banter

The Ukip leadership battle is underway and candidates are on the offensive—against each other. Suzanne Evans, Paul Nuttall, Raheem Kassam and John Rees-Evans had announced their plans to stand as Socialist Worker went to press.

The Troublemaker - Labour's anti-nuke defence spokesperson backs Trident

Nia Griffith is one of those who quit the shadow cabinet, only to return following Jeremy Corbyn’s re-election as Labour leader.

Mazher Mahmood found guilty but tougher questions remain about the ‘Fake Sheikh’

Mazher Mahmood, known as the “Fake Sheikh”, has been found guilty of conspiring to pervert the course of justice.

Tory PR firm made Al-Qaida videos in Iraq for US spooks

The US military paid a British PR firm over half a billion dollars in the wake of the 2003 Iraq invasion to create fake terrorist videos in a covert operation.

Incompetent or corrupt Met coppers lose millions of files

Scotland Yard has lost 13 unsolved murder files and is considering whether they were destroyed by corrupt cops.

Market forces can’t contain cargo chaos death match

The market is a wonderful thing.

The Troublemaker

Swine of Chipping Norton is ready to live high on the hog 

SNP’s growth for Scotland depends on the lobbying industry

The Scottish National Party (SNP)’s vision for Scotland includes much corporate lobbying.

It’s cock-up after Balls-up for blundering blokes of Labour

Poor old Owen Smith can’t stop putting his foot in his mouth.

The Troublemaker

Locking people up in jail for having opinions the government doesn’t like isn’t enough for justice secretary Liz Truss.

A revolving door of people who grant bosses pay rises

The people hired by big companies to decide how much bosses should get paid are earning around £170,000 for attending a handful of meetings.

Pigs have got their snouts in the trough - and so have MPs

Chief constables and senior officers are grabbing tens of thousands of pounds in expenses—on top of huge salaries.

Cameron’s cronyism is a fitting legacy for pig man

David Cameron’s legacy is as it should be. A load of honours for his mates.

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