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The Troublemaker

Locking people up in jail for having opinions the government doesn’t like isn’t enough for justice secretary Liz Truss.

A revolving door of people who grant bosses pay rises

The people hired by big companies to decide how much bosses should get paid are earning around £170,000 for attending a handful of meetings.

Pigs have got their snouts in the trough - and so have MPs

Chief constables and senior officers are grabbing tens of thousands of pounds in expenses—on top of huge salaries.

Cameron’s cronyism is a fitting legacy for pig man

David Cameron’s legacy is as it should be. A load of honours for his mates.

Tory government wants Thatchers’ cosy corruption to be kept secret indefinitely

Tory corruption is to be kept secret. Two files entitled “Cementation contract: Mark Thatcher and the Omanis” are listed as being “retained” for 65 years. Two others were “temporarily retained” with no release date.

Extra cash for Tory advisors as Pig Face One finally flies

David Cameron lined up his former chief of staff to become Britain’s new ambassador to France.

The Troublemaker

Troublemaker was shocked to hear the results of this year’s Sats tests for primary school children. Nearly half failed to meet government targets in reading, writing and maths.

Biggest Tory donor raided for money laundering and fraud

The Conservative party’s biggest donor, the telecoms giant Lycamobile, has been raided by French police on suspicion of money laundering and tax fraud.

Ombudsman slams cops over Loughinisland murders in Northern Ireland

Police informants were involved in planning and executing a sectarian attack in which six people were shot dead in a bar in Northern Ireland as they watched a World Cup match in 1994. 

The Troublemaker

A former senior aide to prime minister David Cameron has been convicted of downloading pictures of girls as young as ten in sexual poses.

Blackmail and expenses scandals hit toxic Tories

The Tory expenses scandal keeps ticking. So police have been given extra time to investigate a range of election fraud allegations against Tory MPs.

MPs line their pockets with more cash than ever before

MPs’ expenses claims have soared by more than 40 percent in just five years.

The Tory expenses on the bus go round and round

While many an MP likes an expense to claim, it seems a few are less keen on declaring them.

South Yorkshire Police stumble from crisis to crisis

The acting chief constable of South Yorkshire Police (SYP) has called for an “independent assessment of Orgreave”.

Tories have a long, nasty history of antisemitism

Papers with a long line in scapegoating are committed to opposing antisemitism. Good. No longer is picturing a man of Jewish heritage looking strange eating a bacon sandwich a story.


Some 120 billionaires have stashed a total of £343.9 billion in Britain.

George Osborne pulls his Europe figures out of a hat

Bungling baron George Osborne has one trick— making numbers appear out of nowhere. But he uses it often.

Why did the press bury a story about Tory minister?

Tory culture secretary John Whittingdale has had a lengthy relationship with Olivia King, a woman who works as a professional dominatrix and escort.

The Troublemaker - of Panama

After leaked files from offshore firm Mossack Fonseca expose the secret stashes of the rich and powerful, Troublemaker roots through for the good stuff...


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