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The Troublemaker—Two thirds of richest firms won’t pay the living wage

Nearly two thirds of top firms fail to pay the “real living wage” while their bosses earn millions a year.

The Troublemaker—US mercenaries worked as a ‘murder squad’ in Yemen

A US company Spear Operations Group organised a private assassination squad to work in Yemen.

Troublemaker - Taser cops could be charged over Dalian Atkinson’s death

Two cops involved in the Tasering of ex-Aston Villa footballer Dalian Atkinson, who later died, could face charges.

The Troublemaker—Fishing ‘codfathers’ make an offer that can’t be refused

Five of Britain’s wealthiest families control more than a quarter of the country’s fishing quotas.

David Cameron gave spooks a licence to kill and torture

MI5’s agents and informants have been secretly and officially authorised to carry out crimes without scrutiny

The Troublemaker—Royal relative is slammed for making cash from sick sales

The Duchess of Cambridge’s mum Carole has been blasted for ­flogging a Halloween ­costume of a princess ­splattered in blood

The Troublemaker - Tories in a U-turn over conference hologram

It would have at least woken up those who were nodding off at the back. But Jeremy Wright, the culture secretary, has axed plans to give his speech to the Tory conference as a hologram.

The Troublemaker —One in ten in poverty and yet more Tory cuts coming soon

More than one in ten people in Britain live in “persistent poverty”.

The Troublemaker - Second passports for the rich are the must-have buy

Dominica is good, Portugal is better, but Malta is best.

The Troublemaker - 60 percent of cops keep jobs in sexual harassment cases

Some 96 cops were punished for sexual harassment in the last three years—but most kept their jobs.

The Troublemaker - as some loan sharks go bust, beware the ones that remain

BrightHouse, a rent-to-buy loan shark shop, is selling second hand household goods returned by customers—and charging up to 99.9 percent interest.

The Troublemaker - Councils hit homeless people with up to £1,500 in charges

Homeless people face being charged up to £1,500 a year by councils to store their possessions.

The Troublemaker - Jim Ratcliffe leaves a sinking ship to avoid paying more taxes

Britain’s richest man and Troublemaker regular Sir Jim Ratcliffe is off to live in Monaco after spending two years here.

The Troublemaker—The contemptible life of Luke Nash-Jones, a pathetic racist

Alt-right online “personality” Luke Nash-Jones appeared to be one of those who “ambushed” the socialist bookshop Bookmarks on Saturday (see page 3).

The Troublemaker—Tories are stockpiling fear and confusion in their Brexit crisis

Brexit fever is gripping the corridors of Westminster—the latest symptom is potential shortages

The Troublemaker - Anti-corruption police force investigated for corruption

Scotland Yard is embroiled in the largest police corruption inquiry for 40 years.

The Troublemaker - Glasgow shop walkout after workers find hidden cameras

Workers at the Harvest Stores health food shop in Glasgow have walked out after finding hidden cameras in an area where they get changed.

The Troublemaker - richest give just £240 a year to charity - while their wealth rises

The richest people in Britain give the least amount of money to charities, new research has shown.

The Troublemaker - Hillsborough trials set to go ahead

David Duckenfield will face trial for the manslaughter by gross negligence of 95 Liverpool fans who died due to the Hillsborough disaster.

The Troublemaker - Did selling off fire safety training worsen Grenfell Tower disaster?

Did privatisation of essential safety services play a role in the Grenfell Tower fire disaster?

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