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Joy for Murdoch and Morgan as hacking cases are halted

Evidence at the trials of Sun journalists showed that Rupert Murdoch’s newspaper group prompted the police investigation into payments by its own papers. It did so because it wanted to escape a corporate prosecution for corruption. It has got its way.

No profit in peace as war gives gun runners an ‘uptick’

War is good for business. Defence companies have rushed to assure investors that they stand to gain from the escalating conflicts in the Middle East.

The Troublemaker

Cameron's plane stupid | People still believe The Sun | Ukip in Oldham |and more

Meddling man with medals worries Corbyn won’t kill

General Sir Nicholas Houghton—chief of the defence staff—decided to use Remembrance Sunday to argue for the importance of killing lots of people.

Cameron meets poor people and Tories get charitable

David Cameron insisted he does know poor people on daytime televison this week. Presumbly he meets them on the way to his new club.

The Troublemaker

The publicity shy war criminal Tony Blair has opened a public relations offensive before the publication of the Chilcot report.

The one percent get half the wealth and half the people get one percent

A stark report highlighting the gross inequality between the world’s richest and poorest has revealed the top 1 percent of the global population now holds half its wealth.

The Troublemaker

Oh my Lords! The meetings and the shares stay secret

Hard working tax breaks for the hard working millionaires

David Cameron claims he will leave office having made the Tories the party of “ordinary working families”.

The things they say

‘It’s important to do the stuff behind the scenes’

David Cameron loves all the animals except for the foxes

David Cameron has yet to explain why he wrote to the government’s top lawyer after a friend at Heythrop Hunt was charged with fox hunting in 2008. 

Porkies, prime ministers and the posho pig parties

David Cameron is accused of having sex with a dead pig.

Cameron’s Lord cronies don’t even turn up for expenses

David Cameron has dished out peerages to 26 Conservative cronies.

Iain Duncan Smith doles out real sanctions and fake claimants

Iain Duncan Smith launched yet another initiative to attack people on benefits this week.  

Bosses now get 183 times more in pay than workers

Troublemaker is shocked to find that some bosses and peers are very greedy, and that Amazon treats its workers badly. However it is a relief to see Ukip taking a stand against extremism in pub gardens

The important thing is that Andy Burnham’s mum thinks he’s cool

Troublemaker watches videos from Labour leadership hopefuls, worries about real heroes, keeps quiet about homelessness and considers some myths

Can you help the Tory axeman?

It’s no secret that government departments are feeling the strain after years of austerity. But it’s come to something when George Osborne can’t even draw up a new plan for cuts without help.

A Reich royal racism runs deep in the Windsor family

The nation rallied behind the queen as she was rocked by cruel Nazi smears. Newly released footage from 1933 shows her and other royals doing Nazi salutes.

Hacker exposes cops’ spy deal with cybersecurity firm

Cops tried to buy fancy surveillance technology from cybersecurity firm Hacking Team, leaked emails show.

Crooked cops and the robbery that won’t die

How long did it take cops to work out that John Palmer, who was shot in the chest, didn’t die from natural causes? Six days of investigation apparently.

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