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Murdoch press gloat about shopping their sources

The Murdoch press took time out from calling migrants cockroaches to gloat over the collapse of a number of trials of journalists.

Who'd have thought austerity drives the rise in food banks?

The growth of food banks is directly linked to benefit cuts such as sanctions.

103 fat cat reasons not to vote for the Conservatives

Bosses who back the Tories in the press are party donors, tax avoiders, firms using zero hours contracts and others accused of blacklisting.

The Troublemaker

Erol Incedal did not plot to carry out terror attacks in Britain.

The Tory, the racists and the fake demonstration plot

Leading on the Afzal Amin scandal and including the City Link sackings

Hospitalising an employee is a great way to relieve stress if you're Jeremy Clarkson

Leading on the latest outburst by Jeremy Clarkson and including the overly firm denials of Grant Shapps

Cameron, the IMF and the army celebrate International Women's Day

International Women’s Day was a chance to celebrate—or patronise, depending on your view—women’s achievements.

Ukip stands for no policies but has plenty of prejudice

With just weeks to go until the general election Ukip STILL has no policies. But don’t think this reflects internal wrangling and rows within the racist party. On the contrary, it is in fact a cunning plan by party leader Nigel Farage.

Hypocrisy of Eric Pickles

Tory Eric Pickles has attacked Sheffield council for spending around £687,116 on translation services between 2011 and 2014.


Dozen Tory donors investigated over tax, energy profits down, everyone hates Ukip, rich get richer - poor get cuts, Lib Dems learn to smile, Gove's Jag

Secret Tory dinner donors gain from Osborne’s tax cuts

A dozen Tory donors are up to £15 million better off thanks to George Osborne’s tax cuts for the wealthy.


Labour chases Ukip, insulin insult, child Labour at heart of Tory campaign, Mandelson moans about mansion tax, Milburn and health profits

The rich—£1,268 a second better off than a year ago

Troublemaker leads on the rich getting richer and more

The Troublemaker

The Troublemaker looks at Tory plans to make it harder to strike, Cameron's green credentials and slurs on the football fans who died at Hillsborough

Job slaughter City Link boss backs Ukip to get more cuts

Leading on how City Link boss Jim Moulton wants even more cuts and including stories on more bonuses for bankers

The rich go a little bit crackers for luxury Christmas gifts

As Christmas approaches, Troublemaker’s thoughts turn to what to give relatives and comrades. How about a small island in the Maldives?

Beware: Tony Blair expects to be around for a long long time

Multimillionaire Tony Blair has called for MPs to be paid more

Mitchell lied, a cop lacks wit and Bob Geldof gets it wrong

Mitchell lied, a cop lacks wit and Bob Geldof gets it wrong

Files go missing despite tea and bisuits with the spooks

Leading on intelligence files going missing, Tory milk snatcher George Osborne and much more

The banker serial criminals strike again and again and...

The Troublemaker looks into banking, Downing Street, politically correct spies and criminal choc theft

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