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Report says inequality is elitist ‘social engineering’

Troublemaker leads on a report into child poverty and includes stories on football fans taking a stand against TV bosses and Tory racism

Seven warships move in to stop Newport rising at Nato summit

Police have promised Britain’s biggest ever security operation when Nato warmongers descend on Newport next week. 

RAF on standby as Scotland is revealed to have oil reserves

The humanitarian case for bombing Scotland became more urgent after it was found to have lots of oil

Tory election special: Right wing millionaire could take on right wing millionaire

Scores of leading Tories are already campaigning frantically for the election which could decide the future of their careers next year. Not the general election in May—a mere trifle in comparison.

Hard life on The Street

Well done to the group of young boys of Derby Road, Southampton, who chased away the makers of new documentary series Immigration Street with eggs and flour.

Tories vow to protect us from 'Terror Tots'

New Tory education secretary Nicky Morgan is on a mission. She wants to make sure there’s “no place for extremist views anywhere in the education system”.

It's donkeys versus sheep down on the Amazon farm

A standoff over e-book prices took a turn for the surreal last week. 

Toff of the week: Prince William

The helicopter hero can keep his wages... we want his pad

Tories' union review is a Carr crash

The anti-union lawyer tasked with writing an “independent” call for yet more anti-union laws has thrown in the towel.

Rich are proud of sacrificing the poor for First World War

The Royals' insincere mourning for the war dead, and other tales of the rotten ruling class

From Russia with a love of directorships and donors

The Troublemaker looks at some people on Putin's payroll that David Cameron might want to sanction, some politicians' junkets, a few crooked cops and some love nuggets


This week's Troublemaker leads on the tax dodging rich and includes stories on prince Charles' stingyness, Gove having an eventful first day as chief whip and immigration minister Mark Harper

Bosses get 180 times more in wages than workers do

Presidential health tourism in Wales | Labour dinner is a match for Tories | Glasgow car clampdown for commonwealth | Parents told be quiet over school fraud | Toff of the week

Tories shy about their posh party, but the Rolls-Royces say it all

Tory ministers declined to say who they were dining with at a fancy nosh-up last week. The party refused to release the guest list for the event at the private Hurlingham members’ club in Fulham, west London. 

Fake law firms threat letters go much wider than Wonga

A working class Tory is something to be, consultants rake in cash despite cuts, counting the cost of special advisors, comfy cushion for cash boss Cobbold, taxing question for prince Charles, Cameron lines up top job for Eton friend

Top cop suspended in car dealer bribery investigation

Tory MEPs research beaches and wines | How to relieve the stress of moving house | Blair makes killing with duty expenses | We bought the royals a new helicopter

Decadent posho parties will be all the rage this summer

Also: Magna Carter didn’t die for this | Only £50,000 for a royal weekend away | Minted monarchs | Tories get that sinking feeling | Not too disgraced for parliament | Tories start to raise cash for election fight | The things they say

Bosses, politicians and Fifa in World Cup cash-in contest

Bank and baroness tighten their belts | A better way to deal with homelessness? | Top Tesco boss gets real | Last orders already for new mayor? | Twee torturers on Twitter | Tories' Lego against independence falls down | Going up: child poverty | The things they say

Lib Dems just can't fathom why nobody likes Nick Clegg

This week's Troublemaker leads on the crisis in the Liberal Democrats and includes articles on bungling baron George Osborne's virtual Buddhist monk, betting scams in Belgium and bosses' bonuses bonanzas

Tories push for fracking where there isn’t enough gas

This week's Troublemaker leads on fracking and includes stories about ubiquitous royal parasite Prince George, faulty firm British Gas and bankers partying it up at the Chelsea flower show

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