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£518 billion for the filthy rich getting richer under Tories

Troublemaker takes on the Sunday Times Rich List, attends the very exclusive Gulls' Egg Luncheon, wanders into the gift shop at the 9/11 museum ans evades SS uniforms in a Yorkshire tearoom

Time to tell media racists to pluck off after foul campaign

Leading on the latest so-called Muslim plot to threaten the BRITISH way of life that is hiding in restaurants and supermarkets, according to racist news stories.

Tories put the cheque in the post early for hedge funds

One of the “priority investors” offered cut-price shares in the government’s privatisation of Royal Mail is a major donor to the Conservative Party. Asset management firm Fidelity Worldwide has given nearly £975,000 to the Tories.

Bankers' bonuses are now just part of monthly salary

Bankers are still raking it in. 

Offshore buy-to-let minister avoids the taxing questions

The Troublemaker takes on City minister Andrea Leadsom who avoids tax, meets spindoctor David Axelrod and engages a gunslinging Tory councillor

All-in-one cop service: kidnap, investigate and shred evidence

A team of the Sweeney— police flying squad officers —came up with a novel way of keeping crime under control in the 1990s. They decided to carry out their own kidnappings. 

Miller was judged by MPs who know a lot about expenses

 Troublemaker regular culture secretary Maria Miller was ordered to repay £5,800 for mortgage-payment claims for her “second” home.

Noxious Nick and foul Farage vomit up opinions - twice

Lib Dem Nick Clegg, whose party was beaten by Elvis in a recent by-election, challenged Ukip’s Nigel Farage to debate him.

A corker of a budget bingo ad goes wrong for Tory toffs

The post-Budget bingo poster blamed on not so poor Grant Shapps, the Tory chairman, was designed in the Treasury and signed off by bungling baron George Osborne. After the advertisement highlighting cuts to bingo tax and beer duty was issued it was dubbed a condescending public relations disaster.

Council leaders' junket to housing fair opens Cannes of worms

Housing campaigners occupied a luxury flat in the Strata Tower in Elephant and Castle, south London, last Saturday. At the same time London mayor Boris Johnson and several council bosses were attending annual property development fair Mipim in Cannes, France.

Bonuses - a perfect reward for success, failure, etc, etc

Bankers' bonuses; School dinners; Pope makes woman cry; Racist Tories aped by Labour; Lib Dem losers; On safari in Deptford; Teather loves cuts but hates hunger

Ukip whines about speaking English to whip up racism

Troublemaker feels sorry for people sharing a train with Ukip's Nigel Farage, says 'let them pick strawberries and worries about the management structure of Mexican drug gangs

It's the rich landlords who are really cashing in on benefits

The hard right Ukip regularly claims that benefit claimants are a problem. But it seems they aren’t such a problem if there’s a money to be made.

Mixed marks for Gove with Nazis out but Scout scabs in

Troublemaker rarely celebrates a win for Tory education secretary Michael Gove. 

Vladimir Putin’s protest park is miles away and a protest free zone

This weeks Troublemaker leads on Putin's uncharacteristic burst of openness, Gove in Jag crash outside Buckingham Palace, Pickles claiming for biscuits and the Taliban hounding the SAS in Afghanistan, plus many more

Lobbyists are unconvincing over the minister for fracking

This weeks Troublemaker with stories on fracking, a former spy fallen on hard times, Philip Hammond's war weariness and much more

Cuts to red tape put bosses’ profit above workers’ safety

The government is planning to scrap or amend more than 3,000 regulations.

Climate reporting - It’s the end of the world as we know it, but TV feels fine

With freezing weather confining millions of Americans to their homes for days on end recently, you’d think their TV news would want to discuss climate change. But you’d be wrong.

Ukip in Brussels gravy train trousering hypocrisy scam

Troublemaker looks into Ukip's Euroexpenses, portraits of our leaders and the great academies scam

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