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Home Office enforcers are the worst uninvited guests

 Immigration cops raid a wedding, but Britain is GREAT for rich migrants, the army's cunning plan and Tory corruption

Iain Duncan Smith ‘very pleased’ as department sinks in crisis

It’s been another bad week for work and pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith.

Royal gathering that’s so humble it needs a fist-sized gold coin

Troublemaker takes a swipe at the new royal scrounger, and some other enemies

The government can’t keep track of its many imperialist crimes

The forgetful Foreign Office has just admitted to the existence of a hitherto secret archive of 1.2 million files recording how Britain ran its empire.

Energy companies snatch £1.2 billion in overpaid bills

Energy giants sit on £1.2 billion a year belonging to customers in credit because of estimated bills. And they make more than £12 million annual interest from people who pay by direct debit.

No expense is too small for Mr Fox’s fantastic journeys

The weekly Troublemaker

In death Thatcher still brings cheer to the Tory conference

Margaret Thatcher is as helpful to business in death as she was in life.

Tories, tasers, Twitter and a pop quiz from Michael Gove

Set in 440 acres of Oxfordshire countryside and built around a striking 18th-century manor sits the Heythrop Park estate. It hardly screams “We’re all in it together”.

Things they say

‘We should try to eliminate things that unnecessarily piss people off’

Things they say

The week in quotes

MPs’ latest expenses scam is strictly a family affair

MPs claimed a record £98.1 million on expenses last year. The inflation-busting 10 percent rise added £9 million to the expenses bill.

Things they say...

The week in quotes

Think tanks says Tories are too soft on cutting welfare

The TaxPayers’ Alliance (TPA), or the military wing of the Daily Mail as it should be known, is pushing for jobseekers to do 30 hours of unpaid work a week, or lose their benefits. 

A death ray from the Walkie Talkie scorchie

The Walkie Talkie building’s concave structure focused the sun into a 50 centigrade solar “death ray” in central London last week. It melted the inside of a car—tragically a sports Jaguar. It happened due to cost cutting during construction. Architect Rafael Vinoly has form. 

Stop bloody Whaling!

Warship HMS Brilliant torpedoed whales in Margaret Thatcher’s 1982 war over the Falklands. 

Bettison's secret perks worth £70,000

Troublemaker’s favourite top cop Sir Norman Bettison just can’t stay away. 

Ethical Lib Dems offer a new way to sell arms

Vince Cable’s business department is finding new ways to flog arms around the world. 

Free massacre with every trip

The Sri Lankan army bathed the Jaffna region in blood as it overran the separatist Tamil Tigers in 2009. Its problem now is what to do with the vast territory it forcibly cleared. So the army has decided to fill it with tourists. 

Toff of the week: Lord Levy

Former chief fundraiser for Tony Blair

Curry favour with a two-step

A graduate has told of his “humiliation” after being forced to dance during a job interview at 

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