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Delight in newsrooms after parasites breed to deadline

Joy swept the nation as Prince William Arthur Philip Louis Windsor and the millionaire commoner that is his wife fulfilled their destiny and bred. 

Tory plot for ‘new workers’ party’ aims to attack unions

An old joke went along the lines of a Tory MP saying, “My grandad knew a lot about mining—he owned loads of it.” 

MPs get another pay rise as the expenses keep rolling in

MPs were set to trouser an extra £10,000 of a pay rise on Thursday of this week. 

Cameron enjoyed apartheid while Mandela was in jail

David Cameron has said Nelson Mandela is his personal hero. But he didn’t always feel that way.

Smart contractors line up for £12 billion gas meter bonanza

Notorious security firm G4S could soon be brought into every home in Britain, thanks to a new government mega-contract.

Arise Sir Brendan—knighted for getting strikes called off

Hearty congratulations are in order this week to Sir Brendan Barber, whose lifetime of “services to employment relations” has finally been recognised by the queen.

Labour’s £1.6 million tax-free ‘gift’ leaves nasty Tory stain

Political party funding, footballer's homes and the number of golf courses in Surrey

A fantasy town for George to pretend austerity is working

Hosting the G8 summit is a double-edged sword for George Osborne.

Trust the Tories to make the most of a good terror scare

How would you feel if you found out that a load of strangers could  go rooting through all your texts, emails and instant messages without you even knowing?

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Some of this week's choice quotes

Finally someone called time on nasty Nigel’s nonsense

The most infuriating thing about Ukip’s recent success hasn’t been Nigel Farage himself, odious far right banker that he is.

You don’t have to be a genius to boycott Israel, but it helps

The smart way to boycott Israel, less smart defence spending and made up figures from IDS

Who’s going to invest in the Ministry of Made Up Quizzes?

Move over Dragon’s Den. Tory Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude’s quest to find investors for some of the civil service’s wackiest ventures could prove to be entertainment gold.

The embarrassing Nazi pals that Ukip can’t bear to dump

Ukip chiefs are terrified that its candidates in this week’s local elections are exposing the revolving door between it and the Nazi far right.

Gove pushes on in his quest to make children miserable

Not content with making school life even more of a misery with his Victorian-style curriculum, Tory education secretary Michael Gove wants to slash holidays.

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Comments from the week's news

Ghouls, monsters and losers queue for £10 million funeral

The Tories threw barrels of our cash at Maggie Thatcher’s funeral. But all the money in the world can’t buy respect. Most of the friends she’d have actually cared about died years ago.

Things they say

Quotes from this week's news

The Daily Mail: A vile paper that tells vile lies to defend a truly vile system

The Troublemaker looks at the vile Daily Mail, gold iPhones and George Osborne's parking arrangements

King-sized flats lying empty as owners bask in tax havens

Who lives in London’s most expensive apartments? One thing that’s for sure is that they don’t want you to find out.

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