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Olympic torch is a rich man's plaything

The 8,000 people who are going to carry the Olympic torch were supposed to be chosen because they were "inspirational". But the official list shows hundreds of torchbearers were selected just because they are bigwigs at one of the corporate sponsors.

Billionaires splash £1 trillion on luxury

The world’s super-rich will spend almost £1 trillion on luxury this year, a report says. They are so rich that they’re looking for new ways to splash their cash—and posh "experiences" instead of things are the newest trend.

Play Holocaust victims, Jewish couple are told

They had an unusual way of celebrating the jubilee in Bury. Instead of waving union jacks, they held a festival where people dressed up as Nazis. But things got a lot worse when a Jewish couple was asked to join in—by dressing as Holocaust victims.

Osborne feels the heat from Tory turmoil over tax U-turns

To lose one tax policy may be regarded as a misfortune. To lose two or three looks like carelessness.

Bosses' 'thank you' that takes the biscuit

Bosses at Torbay Hospital have given their workers a break—by handing them Kit Kat chocolate bars to celebrate winning an award.

Top Gear's bigots turn on Travellers

You’d have thought that BBC’s Top Gear programme had run out of minority groups to insult and smear.

Is Tesco boss a socialist?

Tesco boss Terry Leahy says he’s a lefty.

Amid the love-bombing - Gove backs for-profit schools

Amid all the Leveson fuss, Tory education secretary Michael Gove admitted that he thinks it’s OK for schools to be run for profit last week.

Official - the Tories are bad for your health

The government loves to point the finger at "lifestyle choices" to explain health problems faced by ordinary people.

The terror of the Olympic flame squirter

A woman has been given a police warning—for joking on Facebook that she would put out the Olympic torch with a water pistol.

Socialist Worker's toff of the week

This week's Toff of the Week is Henry Armitage

Kate joins the queen for a nice lunch with their dictator pals

Kate Middleton, the duchess of Cambridge and wife of prince William, is supposed to be the new, modern face of the monarchy.

It's a royal cash-in!

Firms have rushed to cash in on the jubilee. You might have heard of "Ma’amite".

Diamonds are the queen's best friend

Diamond giant De Beers has produced a crown for the jubilee—studded with 974 diamonds.

Tory Barlow and his royal jubilee travel tales

We’re told the jubilee is a "non-political" time of national celebration. But Gary Barlow, who has written the official jubilee single, is a raving Tory.

Royalist cafe: stand for the anthem or no tea for you

The owner of a royalty‑themed tearoom threw out three people when they refused to stand for the national anthem.

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