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The Troublemaker—Plenty of funds for top cops and sticks to hit people with

A police chief who claims his service is ­underfunded has overseen a 50 percent rise in ­highly-paid officers.

The Troublemaker—Profits go up for firm denying benefits as one victim dies

A SIX STONE emaciated man who was deemed “fit to find work” has died. But the company running the tests that deny people benefits is rolling in profit.

The Troublemaker—tired overworked Tories are hiding houses and lobbying

Boris Johnson has “an ­over-casual attitude towards ­obeying the rules of the house”

The Troublemaker—Cops to investigate spooks’ role in Guantanamo torture

Police have launched an investigation into MI5 and MI6 officers involved in the interrogation of ­suspects under torture.

Spooks reveal a little of what they knew about VIP abuse

Margaret Thatcher personally supported one of her MPs who had an alleged “penchant for small boys”

The Troublemaker—Spy chief quit after cops found abuser’s reference

The former boss of spook ­headquarters GCHQ resigned his post after police investigators found that he gave a character reference in support of a paedophile priest who went on to re-offend.

The Troublemaker - Missing blood scandal files are latest part of a cover-up

Government officials have removed hundreds of files relating to the scandal of contaminated blood used in British hospitals in the 1970s and 1980s. The files are now missing.

The Troublemaker—The secret plot to give the queen a holiday in Scotland

PANIC. The queen and other senior royals will be evacuated from London in the event of riots under secret plans being drawn up by Whitehall.

The Troublemaker—Boris Johnson pays for flight but Mr Burns goes for free

Boris Johnson was happy to take a £14,000 gift in travel and hospitality from the Saudi Arabian government last autumn, which he declared in his financial interests.

The Troublemaker—Richest 26 people have the same wealth as poorest half of the world

The combined fortunes of the world’s billionaires rose by £2 billion a day last year, while 3.4 billion people were forced to survive on less than £4.27 a day each.

The Troublemaker—Tory MP declares interest in Africa some 11 months late

Tory MP Sir Henry Bellingham, a former Africa minister, is paid £30,000 a year to chair Clifton Africa.

The Troublemaker - Cops have secret plot against Kingsley Burrell campaign

Cops are organising in secret against the campaign for Justice for Kingsley Burrell.

The Troublemaker - one fifth of big companies paid no tax on their profits

One in five of Britain’s biggest listed companies paid not a penny of tax on their profits last year.

The Troublemaker—prison officers get go ahead for a new incapacitating gas

Prison officers have been given the go ahead to use a new type of gas on prisoners

The Troublemaker—£65,000,000 for Trump to play golf watched by cops

The US Secret Service has allocated more than £70,000 for golf cart rentals in South Florida this winter, apparently to protect president Donald Trump

The Troublemaker—MPs hide how £3 billion gets spent on spooks in Britain

Matthew Hedges said in the UAE last week he was a spy, and this week said he wasn’t.

The Troublemaker—Brexit chaos special

When the plot hits your eye like a big pizza pie you’re a Tory

The Troublemaker - Millionaire Tory landlord in sick video of Grenfell effigy

One of the six men arrested over a vile bonfire night effigy of Grenfell Tower is a property millionaire who owns an £8 million block of flats in Clapham, south London

The Troublemaker—Two thirds of richest firms won’t pay the living wage

Nearly two thirds of top firms fail to pay the “real living wage” while their bosses earn millions a year.

The Troublemaker—US mercenaries worked as a ‘murder squad’ in Yemen

A US company Spear Operations Group organised a private assassination squad to work in Yemen.

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