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New right to buy scheme will worsen homes crisis

The housing crisis in Britain is causing misery for millions—and it is about to get even worse as the Tories plan more sell offs, writes Annette Mackin

Back the Egypt Solidarity campaign against regime’s crackdown

As Egypt’s military regime condemns more than 100 political opponents to death and it ramps up repression, we need an international response, reports Judith Orr

‘The Bradford fire showed up Thatcher’s contempt for us’

On the 30th anniversary of the 1985 fire at the Valley Parade stadium a damning new book from one of the survivors has fuelled calls for a fresh investigation into the disaster, reports Annette Mackin

Don't let the National Gallery become a bosses' playground

The National Gallery provides free access to art for all. But its millionaire trustees want to privatise staff and cater to the rich—and workers are fighting back, writes Annette Mackin

How workers are fighting back against low pay and zero hours

Low paid workers are unable to make ends meet as bosses cut their hours and attack their conditions

Devolving the care cuts will not help to stop them

Plans to merge NHS and social care in Manchester won’t empower patients or carers but drive the market even deeper into health

Cops searched for evidence to blame fans for deadly crush, Hillsborough inquests hear

The Hillsborough inquests heard former top cop Peter Hayes agree that cops tried to gather evidence against fans—but he denies being involved in lying, reports Sadie Robinson

Barnet care workers strike back against Tory service cuts

A struggle by care workers in Barnet, north London to defend pay and a quality care service has got bosses on the ropes. It’s bad news for the council privatisers, reports Raymie Kiernan

Striking refuse lorry drivers say, 'We've just got to take a stand'

Refuse lorry drivers in Barking and Dagenham spoke to Tomáš Tengely-Evans about their fight to defend a public service from the cuts and the local council’s plans to slash their wages

Oxfordshire child abuse was ‘living hell’ but cops just ignored victims

The right wing press say that the Oxfordshire abuse scandal is about race. But once again a report has slammed authorities’ attitudes, writes Sadie Robinson

How did nationalist despair hijack the hopes in Ukraine?

Tomáš Tengely-Evans talked to disillusioned demonstrators in Kiev a year after protests brought down a government. He analyses how the country can escape the brutal civil war

Resistance is mounting to attacks on our homes

Tenants and campaigners fighting social cleansing on London estates spoke to Dave Sewell about their battles against the bailiffs, cops and councils

The state creates vicious drama of benefits raids

Dave Sewell examines how the government aims at turning people against the most vulnerable

New anti-terror bill makes Muslims the enemy within

The Islamophobic Prevent Strategy, which demands that workers in the public sector spy on Muslims, is set to become law. Ken Olende explains what the counter-terrorism bill will mean

'I feel much better after leaving the Labour Party'

Sadie Robinson spoke to former Labour Party members who left the party in disgust at its refusal to take on Tory cuts, and found a new home to fight for an alternative to austerity

Lambeth College win shows that bosses can be beaten

Lambeth College workers in south London have scored an important victory in a dispute which saw them strike for 42 days. They spoke to Sadie Robinson about their experience

Bus worker speaks out—all the controllers say is, 'Why are you late?'

Mostafa, a bus driver, spoke to Raymie Kiernan about the pressures of work

What will Labour really do about the Tories’ austerity?

Labour denies they would reverse cuts or increase spending

How the tenants of Cressingham Gardens are fighting back to save their homes

Residents on a south London estate are taking on the housing crisis in London

Techniques of terror—the truth about state torture

Simon Basketter looks at how the US uses torture to punish those who challenge its power—and how the British state has backed it all the way

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