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Gaza feels deadly fallout of Israel’s bombs as floods hit

Gaza residents reveal reality of ‘reconstruction’ and floods

Tory 'anti terror' bill is a licence for Islamophobia

Simon Basketter looks at the Home Office’s new ‘counter-terrorism’ bill

It’s official—services face collapse from council cuts

The government’s own auditor admits cuts have pushed council services to breaking point

How the right has twisted migration figures to whip up racism

A new report has exposed how ‘facts’ about immigration have been twisted to paint migrants as a burden

How the cops fail victims of child sexual exploitation

Report gives voice to young people at risk of abuse - and blows apart a racist myth

Fortress Europe—leaving refugees to drown at sea

European government ministers’ calls to end patrols in the Mediterranean to rescue migrants stranded at sea is just business as usual, argues Annette Mackin

Anger in Rotherham over council's abuse priorities

Two months after a report into horrific child sexual abuse was published, Sadie Robinson spoke to residents about the lack of support for young people

As anti-union Carr Review reports - unions’ ‘extreme’ action is not nearly hard enough

Annette Mackin argues the Tories’ Carr Review of anti-trade union laws shows bosses will only go further on the offensive if we don’t put up a fight

Rail privatisation is the express route for profits

Rail bosses are rubbing their hands at lucrative new deals as spineless politicians let them tighten their grip

Property vultures are set for a killing on council homes

The rich plan to snap up even more public land at the Mipim UK 2014 property fair - with the help of councillors

Corporate inversions are a whopper of a tax wheeze that's totally bananas

Why has Burger King turned Canadian and Ireland become the world's biggest banana producer?

The fire service is in crisis and only a fight will save it

As the FBU firefighters’ union launches its new Sounding the Alarm report, Annette Mackin looks at how cuts and job losses are putting lives at risk.

Joint enterprise: The law that can lock you away for being a witness

Campaigners explain why they're fighting against joint enterprise convictions

Care at a price — how the vultures cash in on people in need

Vulnerable people and their care workers are losing out in a race to cut costs

How Israel has set about the destruction of Gaza

The explosive power of the bombs dropped in Israel’s current assault on Gaza is equivalent to the atomic bomb the US dropped on Hiroshima in 1945.

How Egypt’s state plotted its bloody revenge

A year has passed since the army massacred protesters in Cairo's Rabaa al Adawiya Square

How prison drives vulnerable young inmates to despair

Suicides behind bars are surging. Annette Mackin looks at the shocking conditions in a prison system that kills the people it’s meant to rehabilitate

TTIP - Stop the bosses’ transatlantic treaty tearing up our rights

Transatlantic deal TTIP could give bosses a green light to attack workers’ rights, public services and the environment

Birmingham school smears shows the government are the real plotters—not Muslims

The Trojan Horse hoax in Birmingham subjected Muslims to a racist witch hunt—and the recent report is full of contradictions

Poor are driven from their homes as rich snap up land

Dave Sewell says council homes are being demolished in droves in London, as the land is sold to rich developers keen to profit from rocketing prices

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