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Poor are driven from their homes as rich snap up land

Dave Sewell says council homes are being demolished in droves in London, as the land is sold to rich developers keen to profit from rocketing prices

Tony Blair is the career criminal who just refuses to fade away

A decade after launching the war that killed a million Iraqis, Tony Blair is still busy helping out dictators and making himself richer, writes Adam Cochrane

Sick of being stopped—young black people in London speak out

After shocking new figures highlight the use of stop and search in London, young people spoke to Annette Mackin about how they see the police

Platinum miners’ victory is shaking South Africa

The nightmare is not over for South Africa’s ruling class as more workers now plan to walk out after the success of the miners’ strike, reports Ken Olende

British Social Attitudes survey shows Tory propaganda fails to remove support for poor

Latest British Social Attitudes Survey reveals diverse opinions on immigration and benefits—despite constant Tory scapegoating, reports Sadie Robinson

How much does the super rich royal family own?

The queen may be the world’s richest person, but the establishment makes it nearly impossible to find out how much the royals have, writes Adam Cochrane

Why we're marching against the Nato gang of warmongers

Imperialists are set to descend on Newport, South Wales, for a Nato summit this August. Tomas Tengely-Evans explains why people should oppose them

Coalition plans more laws to block any union activity

Bosses have always hated unions. Raymie Kiernan looks at new plans to restrict workers’ ability to organise against attacks by their employers

Poverty in Nigeria fuels Boko Haram—and force will not stop it

Baba Aye of the Socialist Workers League in Nigeria explains the roots of the Islamist group Boko Haram and says military action against it is bound to fail

Recovery for the rich as Tories play up economy

Economic output is growing, however slowly. Here Dave Sewell looks at the reality of the recovery in different sectors and what it means for workers

Cancer patients are held to ransom by pharmaceutical firm’s greed

Big Pharma bosses are aiming to get richer from the high prices they charge for drugs that could prolong cancer patients’ lives, reports Dave Sewell

Scotland’s rich and poor have no common interest

Supporting Scottish independence doesn’t mean falling for nationalist myths. Raymie Kiernan looks at a new book that busts Salmond’s claims about class

Don’t let Nazis Griffin and Brons represent us in Brussels

Fascists Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons are campaigning to keep their seats in the European parliament. Annette Mackin recalls their unpleasant histories

Budget brought more for the rich and cuts for us

George Osborne used the budget last week to push through further attacks on ordinary people. Simon Basketter looks at the facts and figures

Ukip—the populist party that backs British bosses

Nigel Farage claims that his party is outside the establishment, standing up for ordinary people. But as Annette Mackin shows, this rhetoric is a sham

Nordic laws will make the sex trade more dangerous

Proposals to prosecute men who buy sex will not help women, says Sadie Robinson. In Sweden it seems to have driven prostitution underground

Insurance—a racket that helps rich firms get richer

Many flood victims have found that insurance firms won’t pay up—while companies plot new ways to sell more worthless policies, reports Socialist Worker

Hundreds die as food chiefs cut corners

Our lives are being put at risk as cuts to inspections and testing make it easier for greedy food bosses to drive down standards, reports Raymie Kiernan

The real impact of Tory benefit sanctions

The government’s attacks on benefits include cutting off people’s money often for the pettiest of reasons. Dave Sewell looks at the reality of sanctions

Tories’ planning policies are behind flooding crisis

Tory environment secretary Owen Paterson has slashed grants to poor farmers while increasing grants for clearing land, writes Dave Sewell

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