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London TB scare stories are based on more on racism than fact

The media panic about a rapid rise in new drug-resistant strains of TB in London supposedly linked to immigration is wrong and dangerous

Bullying Barts Health trust bosses are putting people at risk

After a report exposes bosses’ bullying at Barts Health in east London, health workers say cuts and pressure are undermining care. Sadie Robinson reports

Prisons for profit make inmates’ lives even worse

After two prisons have had “disturbances” already this year, Sadie Robinson looks at how privatisation is driving prisoners’ conditions down even further

Secret documents reveal Tories' fears over miners

Newly released documents show how the supposedly invincible Thatcher government reeled from the impact of strikes, writes Simon Basketter

The hidden homeless who councils leave in the cold

A change in the law means more people are being pushed into temporary housing while councils cash in on property prices, reports Sarah Ensor

Drive for profit puts cyclists in danger on the roads

Following the deaths of six cyclists in London, Raymie Kiernan looks at why roads are now less safe and the reality of Boris Johnson’s ‘cycling revolution’

Operation Legacy: When Britain burned the paper trail of its imperial crimes

Britain burned a huge number of damning documents in secret to hide the shame of its brutal empire. Ken Olende looks at Operation Legacy

Those at the top knew about British army's Northern Ireland death squad killings

Simon Basketter looks at part of the history of British army terror tactics in Northern Ireland and what BBC’s Panorama didn’t tell us about death squads.

How London's migrant cleaners are fighting back against low pay

Sarah Ensor and Dave Sewell speak to workers from around the world about how they are organising the fightback in their workplaces and building trade unions in Britain

Detention centres breed despair behind the bars

As Yarl’s Wood is mired in an abuse scandal, Ken Olende looks at the scale of detention centres in Britain and what life is like for people locked inside them

Bullying landlords drive poor tenants to despair due to impact of bedroom tax

Tenants in Glasgow met last week to discuss the devastating effects of the bedroom tax and how they can fight to scrap it now, reports Dave Sewell

Privatisation not migrants puts up cost of healthcare

Stories claiming that Britain is swamped by migrant ‘health tourists’ who drain the health service are dishonest propaganda for the Tories, argues Sarah Ensor

Cuts make mental health services 'unsafe' for use

A new report into mental health services shows that cuts, shortages and short-term thinking is only making them worse, writes Simon Basketter

Dale Farm eviction pushed families onto a toxic wasteland

Two years after Travellers were evicted from Dale Farm, Grattan Puxon tells Sadie Robinson about the human cost of being denied the right to a home

Why the Tories are trying to take our schools back decades

Michael Gove’s new curriculum won’t ‘raise standards’ because it’s designed to bash teachers, blame children for failure and justify cuts, writes Sadie Robinson

Debt, stress, no jobs—the reality of student life

As students return to universities and colleges, Raymie Kiernan looks at how the Tories’ austerity is affecting them—and the continuing battles against it

A racist agenda that tells women what not to wear

Attacks on Muslim women’s right to wear the niqab are about scapegoating—not professional standards and certainly not liberation, argues Judith Orr

We're working class and we know it, finds British Attitudes survey

Reports of the death of class consciousness have been greatly exaggerated according to the latest British Social Attitudes survey, says Sadie Robinson

Yes to unions, no to banks

People are more favourable towards trade unions than they are towards politicians, banks or newspapers. 

More open attitudes to sex

Nearly half of those surveyed agreed that homosexuality is “not wrong at all”—compared to just 17 percent in 1983.

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