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Why the Tories are trying to take our schools back decades

Michael Gove’s new curriculum won’t ‘raise standards’ because it’s designed to bash teachers, blame children for failure and justify cuts, writes Sadie Robinson

Debt, stress, no jobs—the reality of student life

As students return to universities and colleges, Raymie Kiernan looks at how the Tories’ austerity is affecting them—and the continuing battles against it

A racist agenda that tells women what not to wear

Attacks on Muslim women’s right to wear the niqab are about scapegoating—not professional standards and certainly not liberation, argues Judith Orr

We're working class and we know it, finds British Attitudes survey

Reports of the death of class consciousness have been greatly exaggerated according to the latest British Social Attitudes survey, says Sadie Robinson

Yes to unions, no to banks

People are more favourable towards trade unions than they are towards politicians, banks or newspapers. 

More open attitudes to sex

Nearly half of those surveyed agreed that homosexuality is “not wrong at all”—compared to just 17 percent in 1983.

Most people say, the rich are too rich

A huge majority— more than eight in ten—say the income gap between rich and poor is too big. This is up from three quarters in 2010.

Job losses change attitudes

The number of people who think those out of work could find a job “if they really wanted one” has fallen. 

Politicians fail to inspire us

Some 21 percent didn’t identify with any political party. 

Tory bill targets unions, not lobbyists

The Tories new bill will make it harder for trade unions and campaigning groups to organise—and let lobbyists off the hook, writes Simon Basketter

How PFI schemes damage future of public services

Sarah Ensor finds government-backed Private Finance Initiative schemes have saddled public services with ballooning debt repayments to private firms

Punishing whistleblowers is a very British tradition

Criminalising those who reveal state secrets comes naturally to the security services—because the state sees us all as enemies, says Raymie Kiernan

How Tories let the market bring chaos to our homes

Rising house prices boost wealthy speculators, not ordinary people who need somewhere to live. Ken Olende looks at the policies behind the housing crisis

Britain's 'boom' is small, shaky and built on sand

Simon Basketter finds the claims of economic recovery an unconvincing mix of exaggerated figures, mounting debt and another property bubble brewing

Thatcher planned to send in troops to break miners

Newly released government documents shed light on secret Tory plans to target miners, Northern Ireland and England’s flood defences, writes Simon Basketter

Encounters with the cops led to dozens more deaths

New figures reveal the year’s toll of deaths during and after police custody—painting a grisly picture of lives needlessly cut short, says Simon Basketter

Scientist slams ‘meaningless excuse’ of a death diagnosis

Excited delirium is a diagnosis used by coroners to explain ten restraint-related deaths that occurred in police custody in England and Wales since the late 1990s.

No blame and no justice for the wrongly jailed Cardiff Three

Two new reports into the Cardiff Three case refused to blame cops who ‘lost’ evidence and derailed a major police corruption trial says Simon Basketter

Police 'abused power' in Cardiff Three case

Tony Paris, one of those convicted of Lynette White’s murder who was later acquitted, said, “In December 2011 I was robbed of the chance to see justice done to the police officers who stood accused of fitting me up for murder.

What do unions get for giving money to Labour?

Simon Basketter looks at why Ed Miliband is trying to cut union members’ automatic subs to Labour—and why union leaders continue to fund the party

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