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Oily trader's Tory access

Ian Taylor is head of the world’s largest oil trading company, Vitol. While the company is based Switzerland, he has donated £550,000 to the Tories. 

Affordable housing sold off to ‘social landlords’

Today just 7 percent of England’s population live in council homes. When Margaret Thatcher came to office it was almost half.

Peabody Trust set up to house the ‘deserving’ poor

One of London’s biggest housing associations today is the Peabody Trust. 

Legal Aid cuts will kick workers and the poor out of the courts

Cuts of £350 million from legal aid will deny thousands of ordinary people the right to defend their jobs, homes and benefits in court, says Siân Ruddick

Ukip - an establishment party that backs the rich

The UK Independence Party poses as a radical party that speaks for ordinary people, but its programme is rabidly anti-working class, writes Judith Orr

Budget - Osborne steals from the poor to give to the rich

The Tories are steaming ahead with their programme of cuts and austerity – and they are still looking after their friends at the top, writes Simon Basketter

How the Tories make us pay for the bankers’ greed

George Osborne wants to protect British banking from reform and preserve a system that’s stacked against ordinary people, writes Sadie Robinson

Why immigrants are not to blame for poor services

The reality behind the ugly right wing myth that migrants are a ‘drain’ on society

Euro referendum pledge only deepens Tory divide

David Cameron promised a referendum on leaving the European Union (EU) last week.

Europe - no easy solution for the bosses, in or out

The long term decline of Britain as a global power meant a fragmenting of the British ruling class consensus in favour of European integration.

Bosses' EU club is not for us

Socialist Worker is against the European Union and will argue to vote to leave it in any referendum.

Euro row - the return of the wily Fox

Liam Fox wrote David Cameron’s EU referendum speech for him.

Aid - a weapon in a battle for big business interests

The British government has decided that India is no longer poor enough to receive overseas aid.

We act like part of Nato, says former Oxfam official

Giant aid organisations are inseparable from the British establishment that pays for them.

Investors, but not in people

The Department for International Development runs its own investment fund, the Commonwealth Development Corporation (CDC).

Replacing Trident is a costly, dangerous waste

The government wants to replace the Trident nuclear missiles system before the current one expires, sometime in the five years after 2025.

Thousands set to march

Keir McKechnie is helping to mobilise people for the weekend of action in Scotland starting on 13 April.

Bombing by numbers

In 2010 the government released figures stating that the Trident system is made up of:

Staffordshire - how job cuts and bosses' bullying led to NHS deaths

Savage cost-cutting by health bosses in Staffordshire led to the deaths of up to 1,200 people.

A promotion for health boss at heart of Stafford scandal

David Nicholson became chief executive of the regional regulators for Mid Staffordshire NHS foundation trust in 2005.

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