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TNT delivers twice weakly

TNT is trialling a delivery service in west London. It delivers twice a week instead of once a day. 

Desperate times hidden by crime report spin

 New statistics have been heralded as showing that crime is not linked to poverty. Annette Mackin looks beyond the hype to a bitterly divided society

Right wing think tank behind the new 'peace index'

Newspapers have claimed that Britain is at its most peaceful in years.

Suicide is up as austerity bites

The fall in crime figures does not mean there’s an improved sense of wellbeing in Britain. 

A soft touch for crooked cops

In the last year 87 Scotland Yard police officers accused of sexual assault, racism and theft were allowed to resign before their case was completed. 

Link between immigration and crime is 'insignificant'

The connection between crime and immigration is “close to zero and insignificant” research has found. 

What really caused the crisis in school places?

Some 118,000 children in London could be without a school place by 2016 according to the London Councils group. 

Academies and free schools - part of the school places problem

The NUT teachers’ union has exposed the illogical result of the government’s commitment to academies and free schools.

Flocking to the capital for work

The number of people moving to London from elsewhere in Britain has gone up since the recession began. The number leaving London has fallen.

School places crisis - bad stats and bad estimates

The “leap” in the number of children estimated to need school places has been exaggerated because previous estimates were wrong.

Michael Gove's battle with reality

Just last week Gove refused to rule out a school closure in the north east of England if a free school opens.

Crisis didn't stop traders gambling with our lives

A small number of largely unregulated commodity trading houses have seen their profits rise astronomically over the last decade. And their wealth has come at the expense of poor people, largely in the Global South.

Food hoarding profiteers generate mass hunger

The commodities market is notoriously volatile. Just last week the market for the most reliable commodity, gold, dropped 15 percent.

All the profit, none of the tax

Commodity firms pay low rates of tax, on average no more than 15 percent. 

Toxic trash of the tin Titans

Trafigura accounts for 40 percent of trade in refined copper, lead and zinc. But the one time it made world headlines was in 2006 when a ship it owned was responsible for dumping toxic waste in Côte D’Ivoire. 

Oily trader's Tory access

Ian Taylor is head of the world’s largest oil trading company, Vitol. While the company is based Switzerland, he has donated £550,000 to the Tories. 

Affordable housing sold off to ‘social landlords’

Today just 7 percent of England’s population live in council homes. When Margaret Thatcher came to office it was almost half.

Peabody Trust set up to house the ‘deserving’ poor

One of London’s biggest housing associations today is the Peabody Trust. 

Legal Aid cuts will kick workers and the poor out of the courts

Cuts of £350 million from legal aid will deny thousands of ordinary people the right to defend their jobs, homes and benefits in court, says Siân Ruddick

Ukip - an establishment party that backs the rich

The UK Independence Party poses as a radical party that speaks for ordinary people, but its programme is rabidly anti-working class, writes Judith Orr

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