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Replacing Trident is a costly, dangerous waste

The government wants to replace the Trident nuclear missiles system before the current one expires, sometime in the five years after 2025.

Thousands set to march

Keir McKechnie is helping to mobilise people for the weekend of action in Scotland starting on 13 April.

Bombing by numbers

In 2010 the government released figures stating that the Trident system is made up of:

Staffordshire - how job cuts and bosses' bullying led to NHS deaths

Savage cost-cutting by health bosses in Staffordshire led to the deaths of up to 1,200 people.

A promotion for health boss at heart of Stafford scandal

David Nicholson became chief executive of the regional regulators for Mid Staffordshire NHS foundation trust in 2005.

Stafford health disaster could happen again

The public inquiry into the disaster at the Mid Staffordshire NHS foundation trust made 290 recommendations.

A foundation for business

The Department of Health does not manage foundation trusts (FTs).

Mali's history of learning, trade and colonialism

Mali is at the centre of the new front in the "war on terror". French forces, aided by the US and Britain, have invaded to fight "Islamic extremism" in the country.

Tuareg people fought for an independent Azawad

The semi-nomadic Tuareg people have lived in the region since the 12th century.

Mali - poor despite mineral wealth

Mali is one of the 25 poorest countries in the world.

What have the bankers done with all our money?

The year started well for bankers as Goldman Sachs last week opened the bonus season with average payouts of £250,000.

Obama’s bailout ‘profit’ is a lie and a distraction

The US bailout is within a whisker of being paid back.

Bonus points for dodging tax

Banks dodged £16 billion in tax in 2010 by moving bonuses forwards a few weeks.

Overpriced and chaotic - Britain's sold out railways

If a council worker has to commute by train to London from Chelmsford in Essex, they’ll pay £348.70 a month for the privilege. In a year the cost is £3,540.

Tories and Labour have always let bosses ride free

Britain’s rail network was nationalised 65 years ago—for the second time.

Railway neglect that costs lives

Poor maintenance under Railtrack led to a crash at Potters Bar that killed seven people in 2002.

'Bedroom tax' will force people out of their homes

The government’s attack on benefits could see thousands of people lose their homes. One attack in particular, popularly known as the "bedroom tax", is set to push almost 100,000 social housing tenants into arrears on their rent from this April.

Meet the loan sharks who trap millions in debt misery

Up to four million people planned to take out a payday loan to cover the cost of Christmas. Now, with the festivities finished, they’ll be stuck with the financial hangover.

Osborne cuts £950 a year from the poorest families in Britain

Tory chancellor George Osborne admitted on Wednesday of last week that his economic plan isn’t working—even on its own terms.

Underemployment: the struggling workers hidden by jobs figures

Over three million people work- ing in Britain are struggling to survive on the pay they receive each month—and want to work more hours than they can get. That’s the finding of a new report from the Office of National Statistics (ONS).

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