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Ticking debt ‘time bomb’ may blast holes in weak recovery

Millions of people are scraping by in badly paid jobs and are being forced to take out loans. Ten years after the ‘credit crunch’, Sarah Bates looks at what’s behind the debt explosion

New report into Rotherham child abuse excuses top council officials and police

A new report says senior officials at Rotherham council knew of problems with child sexual exploitation—but none should be charged over failures.

War without end in Afghanistan

After sixteen years of occupation the US is preparing to send thousands more troops to Afghanistan. Nick Clark argues it could be the graveyard of empire

Postal workers get organised to counter Royal Mail’s squeeze on their conditions

The rumblings of a brewing storm in Royal Mail have grown louder over the past few months—and could soon burst into a huge national strike.

Every train still needs a guard—as the rail tycoons know full well

With leaked emails, a trial by jury and an accident report, evidence against the Tories’ push for ‘driver-only operation’ is mounting, writes Raymie Kiernan

Tories’ punishment and privatisation fuels crisis in prisons

Prison riots that broke out last week put the spotlight on the overcrowded jail conditions in England and Wales under Tory rule. Simon Basketter investigates

Victims speak out over contaminated blood agony - and call for justice

With a possible inquiry on the way, contaminated blood scandal victims spoke to Sadie Robinson

‘Football Lads Alliance’—the threat of a new racist movement on the streets

After thousands join a march with anti-Muslim speeches, Raymie Kiernan looks at who is behind it, what they are doing—and how to stop them

Israel’s power cuts push the Gaza Strip deeper into crisis

Gaza is a city ready to burst. Palestinians in the Gaza Strip are suffering after Israel drastically cut their power supply last week.

The racist ‘Trojan Horse’ lie hits the rocks after case is thrown out

An Islamophobic scheme to accuse Muslims of taking over Birmingham schools was further exposed as a lie last week. Sadie Robinson says the scandal is how Muslims were demonised

Update: Tory extension of Prevent strategy is a recipe for racism and an alibi for war

Tory home secretary Amber Rudd has promised an “uplift” for the Islamophobic Prevent strategy.

Tory wreckers manifesto is only for the rich

Theresa May tried to pitch her manifesto as progressive with false promises on the NHS and schools. Nick Clark unpicks the attacks that they’re planning

Disabled person’s suicide shows up the Tories’ cruelty over benefit cuts

Government welfare ‘reforms’ are having deadly consequences for disabled people. Eleanor Claxton-Mayer investigates the devastation of the cuts

Public sector pay cap drives workers out of health service—time to fight back

Millions are worse off after the Tories’ latest ‘slap in the face’ to the people who keep our public services going. Activists told Alistair Farrow it’s time to strike against the pay cap

One Housing's rent hikes are met with tenants resistance

Housing associations wants to raise rents by nearly 40 percent for some east London tenants. Alistair Farrow argues that the way to defend homes and win the fight is to get political

Tory and New Labour sell offs created the housing fat cats

The crisis in housing is growing with working class people threatened with rent hikes or even eviction. But it was the Tories and New Labour who created this crisis

What does the Tory Trade Union Act mean for trade unionism?

As the Trade Union Act comes into force, Sadie Robinson looks at the barriers that aim to stop workers striking—and why the Tories want them

Tories slash our state schools but splash out on their free schools

The Department for Education is splurging on land for privatised free schools while neglected state schools fall into disrepair, Sadie Robinson reports

Tenants outraged as Labour council drives through Tory demolition

Haringey residents are taking on the council over “redevelopment” that would destroy seven estates in north London writes Alistair Farrow

High-flying strikers take on low-down bosses at BA

‘Mixed fleet’ British Airways cabin crew are waging an inspiring battle against poverty pay. Dave Sewell spoke to workers at London Heathrow airport

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