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Has Syriza reached its moment of truth?

Many commentators argue that the Greek left government headed by Syriza is heading towards the moment of truth in its confrontation with the European Union.

Syriza’s compromise won’t beat austerity

The rulers of the European Union (EU) are getting seriously annoyed with those pesky Greeks.

Economy can’t crawl its way out of crisis

Rather than undertake productive investments, the corporations are shoving money into the financial markets, writes Alex Callinicos

Middle Eastern states manoevure in regional power play

The danger for Western imperialism is that the mess—and with it the Middle East—escapes anyone’s control, writes Alex Callinicos

Netanyahu blusters as Israel is sidelined

Binyamin Netanyahu's visit to Congress illustrates the complex relationship between the US and Israel, writes Alex Callinicos.

Resistance can beat the Eurogroup rulers

The Greek struggle has only just started, and we need to learn the lessons of its opening phase, writes Alex Callinicos.

Greece deal is about more than just debt

There was something very peculiar about the agreement thrashed out between Greece’s radical left Syriza-led government and the Eurogroup of finance ministers. 

Social and economic contradictions mean the Arab revolutions will erupt once again

Four years after the fall of Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak, how do the Arab revolutions stand? 

Germany blinks over Ukraine crisis

The civil war in Ukraine has several dimensions. The first is the fighting on the ground. This is escalating despite last September’s Minsk ceasefire agreement, which was supposed to end it. 

US and Saudi Arabia: Dysfunctional partners depend on each other for survival

Many were nauseated by the sight of the British government flying flags at half mast in honour of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, writes Alex Callinicos

Deflation is driving the currency chaos

The global financial system suffered an unexpected jolt last week

Paris attacks are a legacy of imperialism

What happened in Paris last week has happened in Europe before—in Madrid in March 2004 and in London in July 2005. The infernal cycle of imperialist intervention in the Muslim world and Islamist terrorism continues.

What is behind the oil price plummet?

Real economic recovery remains as elusive as ever, writes Alex Callinicos

Ed Miliband has shown he doesn’t get class

If you want to get a sense of how Ukip’s rise is debasing political debate, you need look no further than the absurd martyrdom of “White Van Man”.

Election turmoil lies behind Labour crisis

Alex Callinicos looks at the reasons for the electoral crisis Labour and the other main parties have found themselves in

Anger at Obama let the right make gains in US mid-term elections

It’s hard to recapture the extraordinary atmosphere in which Barack Obama was elected the first black president of the US six years ago

Rising markets are sign of deep malaise

Faced with disaster on almost every front, David Cameron and George Osborne are desperately talking up the British economy. 

Cameron is twisting on the hook of Europe as party system is in crisis

David Cameron may have just avoided becoming the prime minister who lost the Union. But he stands a reasonable chance of presiding over Britain’s departure from the European Union (EU). 

The left must unite to be an alternative

The media cliche machine has been in overdrive since the by-elections on Thursday of last week. Tedious though this is, undoubtedly something big has happened.

US power is in crisis from Iraq to Ukraine

Amid the hubbub of media and official commentary on and denunciation of the jihadi Islamic State (Isis), only one thing is clear—no one has a clue what to do.

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