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No end in sight for global slump

The party conferences have been unable to conceal the fact that the government coalition is in big trouble. Its reason for existence is to reduce the budget deficit—indeed chancellor George Osborne’s original plan was to eliminate it.

The Syrian revolution poses a severe test for Turkey's rulers

The first real sign that the civil war in Syria could spill over into a wider conflict came last week. A series of mortar and artillery exchanges took place across the border between Syria and Turkey.

The debt crisis spreads from Greece across Europe

France, Greece, Italy, Portugal, and—last but not least—Spain. A storm of anti-austerity protest has been sweeping through Europe.

This coalition government is failing at both of its aims

David Cameron and Nick Clegg are kidding themselves if they think the undeniable success of the London Olympics will allow them to "relaunch" their coalition government.

The Long Depression is going from bad to worse

"Better enjoy Games while they last. Hangover coming with bad economic outlook truly worldwide." I don’t usually quote Rupert Murdoch approvingly, but this tweet of his is spot on.

America doesn't always get its way

There is a puzzling contradiction in contemporary discussion of American power. The theme that the US is in decline, being elbowed out of the way by China, is well established in mainstream discourse.

The revolution in Syria is rooted in popular uprising

The past few days may have seen the balance of forces tilt decisively against Bashar al-Assad and his regime. Paradoxically, a significant section of the Western left seems to have tilted as decisively in their favour.

Europe is stuck in a banking 'doom loop'

One sign of how serious the eurozone crisis has become is the brevity with which every supposed "solution" brings relief.

Greece's real battle comes after election

It’s a cliche but it’s nevertheless true that the eyes of the world are on Greece. I get feverish updates of the latest opinion poll from revolutionary Marxists and bourgeois economists alike.

Labour mops up councils as voters reject Tory austerity

The rumbling on the Tory backbenches has confirmed what was immediately obvious—Thursday last week was a very bad day for David Cameron.

Politicians see that austerity isn’t working

I love the way the media say that Britain is in a "technical" recession. Statisticians say that when an economy shrinks for six months it’s in recession. The British economy shrank during the last quarter of 2011 and the first quarter of 2012. So it’s in recession—there’s nothing technical about it.

The key lessons of Bradford West

The superlatives have fast run out in attempts to sum up George Galloway’s victory for Respect in the Bradford West by-election.

Has the economic crisis nearly ended?

Is the world economy past the worst of the crisis? This is what the stock markets have been signalling these past few months, pushing share prices upwards.

Obama’s recovery is far from certain

"It's halftime in America, too… This country can’t be knocked out with one punch. Our second half is about to begin."

Tories' dependency culture is in crisis

Anyone in any doubt that the Tories are still scum should listen in on the House of Commons debates on the Welfare "Reform" Bill. The sheer callousness with which government backbenchers dismiss critics of the Conservative-Liberal coalition’s attacks on benefits is enough to make the blood boil.

Rulers are creating a crisis of democracy

I read recently a book by the economist Barry Eichengreen called Golden Fetters. This is about the collapse of the gold standard during the Great Depression of 1929-39.

Fear and confusion as eurozone slides

A couple of weeks ago the economist Paul Krugman said he was "both terrified and bored" by the eurozone crisis. I know what he means.

Crisis of capitalism is far from over

Leon Trotsky paints a brilliant portrait of the last tsar, Nicholas II, in his great History of the Russian Revolution. He treats Nicholas’s weakness, malice, and stupidity as symptoms of a decaying regime.

Paralysis in EU as Greek crisis grows

The old ones are sometimes the best. "Denial is not a river in Africa, but it is a state occupied by many eurozone politicians."

Ed’s off the fence, and it’s not good

It was probably an advantage for Ed Miliband that people were a bit vague about exactly where he stood when he stood in last year’s Labour leadership election.

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