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A Tobin Tax won’t solve the problem

Is the Tobin Tax on international financial transfers an idea whose time has come? It has been endorsed by the United Nations, Gordon Brown, Angela Merkel, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Financial Services Authority chair Lord Turner, and now the European Union (EU).

Labour’s policies boost the racists

The sneaking feeling of sympathy that I felt for Gordon Brown when he was ambushed and coshed by the Sun attack machine over Afghanistan didn’t survive the appalling speech he made about immigration on Thursday of last week.

Business as usual as crisis continues

If A contemporary Rip Van Winkle, awakening from three years’ sleep, took a walk down Wall Street last week, he might imagine that nothing had changed.

Polarisation across Europe brings left votes

The media have been gloating about the plight of the left in the wake of the German federal elections a fortnight ago. "A spectre is haunting Europe – the spectre of socialism’s slow collapse", announced the New York Times last week.

G20: a bigger tent but no answers

Probably the most important thing about the G20 summit in Pittsburgh last week was that it is the third time it has met in the past year. What was a relatively marginal international body seems to be morphing into a significant institution.

Missile defence: Obama won’t drop US domination

Is Barack Obama’s decision to cancel the deployment of missile defence in central and eastern Europe another sign of how the US has been weakened by the Iraq disaster? In a very obvious sense, yes.

Justification for Afghan war is collapsing

A large chunk of the already ramshackle case for the Western military occupation of Afghanistan has now collapsed.

Crisis is not over for world leaders

Less than a year after the collapse of Lehman Brothers, the banks are back. Puffed up with profits, they are flexing their muscles again.

US right is telling unhealthy lies

The wonderful people who brought you the invasion of Iraq certainly took Joseph Goebbels’ principle of "the bigger the lie the better" to heart.

Remembering Jerry Cohen

This has been a bad summer for left wing intellectuals. The radical political economists Giovanni Arrighi and Peter Gowan died within a few days of one another in June. And then last week the socialist philosopher GA "Jerry" Cohen died suddenly at the age of 68.

Banks go back to bubble bonuses

Can you believe the banks? While the world economic crisis has deep underlying causes, it was precipitated by the collapse of the credit bubble that had been inflated by major banks in a frenzy of borrowing and lending.

Afghan war brings political fallout

FURTHER EVIDENCE has appeared this past week about how corrupt British politics is. No, this isn’t about MPs on the take or reporters phonetapping. It’s about Afghanistan.

New challenges in South Africa

I’ve just returned from spending a fortnight in South Africa. It was my first visit since the early 1990s. A lot has happened since then.

Electoral reform, crisis and the left

After the Second World War the Labour and Tory parties completely dominated British politics, sharing around 96 percent of the popular vote between them. According to some opinion polls, they will be lucky to get more than half the total vote in this week’s European elections.

Obama is marching into the graveyard of empires

Two events last week underlined the fact that Barack Obama is not kidding when he says he intends to escalate the war in Afghanistan.

Will the global economy recover?

The idea that the green shoots of economic recovery are sprouting everywhere has become entrenched among a layer of economic pundits. They cite the fact that the stock markets have been rising quite strongly.

This recession still has a way to run

Is the worst of the economic crisis over? BBC Radio 4’s Today programme has been babbling about this for the past week or so, and Barack Obama has now joined them.

A neoliberal attack on the public sector

There is an increasingly ugly and strident – but also quite ridiculous – campaign building up against the public sector.

Slavoj Zizek’s Ideas need to link with reality

Nearly a thousand people will be attending a conference this weekend on "The Idea of Communism" in central London.

The real change facing Obama

Barack Obama’s administration is starting to put itself about internationally. Having stayed away from the World Economic Forum in Davos, the US sent a high-powered delegation headed by Vice-President Joe Biden to the Munich security conference the weekend before last.

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