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Withdrawal would bring better future

The debate over Iraq has shifted significantly over the past few months. The central issue has become the withdrawal of the occupation forces in Iraq.

German result is a blow to neo-liberals

The hung parliament that emerged from the German federal elections is a serious setback for the forces seeking to impose yet more free market "reforms" on us all.

Rise of China behind textile row

"Bra wars" was the idiotic way in which even the supposed quality media covered the row over Chinese textile quotas. The real story is about where capitalism is going.

US constitutional plan could tear Iraq apart

The outcome of talks on the Iraqi "constitution" is very bad news for George Bush.

Robin Cook, Iraq and New Labour

The sudden death of Robin Cook is a major blow to the Labour Party as it was traditionally conceived, as a party of progressive social reform.

Blair wants to use the fear factor

There are many reasons for condemning the London bombings. One is that the attacks have, temporarily at least, politically strengthened Tony Blair.

Why the war won't go away

ONE OF the stupidest responses to the London bombings has been the effort to depoliticise them.

Glimpsing a better world at the G8 protests

Britain over the past fortnight has gone through in a highly concentrated form the experience of the movement against global capitalism. Our movement went through the protests in Seattle in November 1999 through the attacks on New York and Washington on 11 September 2001 to the great anti-war marches.

Their solution for Iraq won’t satisfy

I bet you didn’t know that Air Marshal Glenn Torpy is head of British military operations. Last week this obscure figure told the Daily Telegraph that he expected operations in Iraq to reach a "satisfactory conclusion" in the next 18 months.

Inside the US class system

America’s dirty little secret is class — something that simply cannot exist in the land of unlimited opportunity.

European votes reveal the alternative

The coverage by the so-called quality press of the referendums on the European constitution in France and the Netherlands has been a complete disgrace.

Far left on the rise in Europe

The past fortnight has been a very significant one for the radical left in Europe. The most obvious reason for this is the defeat of the European consitution in France.

A movement sweeps Europe

Respect's breakthrough in the general election wasn’t the only success that the radical left in Europe has enjoyed this year.

G8 policies that make poverty

The most powerful piece of political advertising that I’ve seen during the general election hasn’t come from any party, not even Respect.

Brown offers Blairism Mark II

"Vote Blair and get Brown," the Tories used to say. Now they are keeping quiet about this because Gordon Brown is turning out to be one of New Labour’s major assets.

Iraq is the issue they want to bury

Remember Iraq? Well done if you do, because the government, aided valiantly by the mass media, is doing its best to persuade us to forget it.

The two sides of Pope John Paul II

Even allowing for the predictable saturation coverage by the media, the death of Pope John Paul II does seem to have touched a genuine chord of grief and respect.

Paul Wolfowitz: laughing all the way to the World Bank

In late 1967, at the height of the Vietnam War, US president Lyndon Johnson appointed his secretary of defence, Robert MacNamara, as president of the World Bank.

Anti-war protests do make a difference

Recently I read Ian McEwan’s new novel Saturday, which is set in London on 15 February 2003, the day of the great march against the war in Iraq. The fact that McEwan uses 15 February as a framing device is an illustration of how deeply the anti-war movement has rooted itself in public consciousness in Britain.

A pale shadow of democracy

It’s a remarkable irony that the methods that helped bring down one empire are now being used to expand another.

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