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Protests around the world for the planet

Protests around the world for the planet From Germany to India, the US to New Zealand, people from around the world took action in unity to demand climate justice.

Protests in Ecuador force government to back down

Protests in Ecuador force government to back down Protesters in Ecuador have forced the government to cancel an austerity package

International round-up - US car workers’ strike continues

International round-up - US car workers’ strike continues Bosses at General Motors n the US offered a new contract, as a strike of nearly 50,000 workers entered its fifth week

International Rebellion over climate change reaches 60 countries

Extinction Rebellion, Berlin, Germany, climate, protest, demonstration, blockade, Germany Organisers say rebels in around 60 countries will take action during the two-week International Rebellion.

Protesters in Hong Kong resist as rulers’ mask slips

Hong Kong, protest, demonstration, China, extradition bill, Legislative Council Authorities in Hong Kong have resorted to using old, authoritarian laws to try and suppress a pro-democracy movement. It has sparked more furious protests.

Donald Trump backs a Turkish invasion of Syria

Donald Trump gave the go-ahead for a Turkish invasion of northern Syria on Monday in another betrayal of the Kurdish people.

Protester shot in Hong Kong on China anniversary

Police shot an 18 year old man during angry pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong on Tuesday.

Repression against migrants across the EU

A deadly crackdown on refugees is spreading across Europe.

Austrian Tories make gains and Nazi vote falls

Talks following Austria’s snap general election on Sunday are likely to produce another right wing government.

Defiance in Egypt despite harsh state repression

Mahienour el-Massry was arrested in the the clampdown (Pic: Egypt Solidarity Initiative)

Revolt in Haiti grows against shortages, corruption and US

Months of protests have developed into an uprising that has the potential to bring down the Haitian president

Mobilisation in Catalonia after more repression

Nine Catalan independence activists have been arrested on charges of terrorism and rebellion. The Spanish state deployed 500 police officers to carry out the arrests.

Three million join second day of strikes over climate change

Some three million people joined a huge climate strike across 28 countries on Friday of last week.

General Motors workers in the US win global solidarity for their strike

A strike by nearly 50,000 General Motors (GM) staff across the United States has entered its third week as talks between the company and the United Auto Workers union (UAW) continue.

Impeachment threat against Donald Trump escalates a crisis for the US ruling class

The political battle going on at the top of US society has reached a new pitch. US speaker of the Senate Nancy Pelosi announced last week that formal impeachment proceedings are set to begin against president Donald Trump.

Big strikes and protests in New Zealand kick off day of action over climate change

A huge climate strike has hit New Zealand, where 170,000 people have walked out to demand climate justice.

Hong Kong fight rages on streets

Protesters in Hong Kong defied police repression as they took part in a 16th successive weekend of protests last weekend.

Workers in France strike back as Emmanuel Macron attacks pensions

Strikes on the railways, in schools and many other sectors swept France on Tuesday against president Emmanuel Macron’s assault on pensions.

Resistance in Egypt piles pressure on Abdel Fattah al-Sisi regime

Egyptians took to the streets on Friday and Saturday in courageous demonstrations against the regime of president Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.

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