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Student protests in Thailand demand democracy

Crowds of up to 50,000 pro-democracy protesters gathered around the Democracy Monument in the centre of the capital Bangkok last week.

California wildfires show need for climate action

Wildfires have caused devastation across northern California with a state of emergency declared across the US state.

Mali’s military oust Western-backed president amid mass protests

The French-backed president of Mali, West Africa, resigned on Tuesday after soldiers seized him from his home. His demise follows months of mass protests against corruption and lack of democracy.

Strikes and protests spread as Belarusian regime clings to power

The Belarusian president Aleksander Lukashenko was fighting for the survival of his regime on Monday.

All-female health staff group stages a two-day strike across India

Hundreds of thousands of workers held a two-day walkout last week as confirmed coronavirus cases in India passed two million

Fury at rigged presidential election sparks big demonstrations in Belarus

Thousands of defiant protesters clashed with riot police on the streets of Belarus in eastern Europe on Sunday.

Eyewitness from Beirut—‘The explosion means we have to change everything’

“We have been fighting the system for a long time, now our anger has overflowed, it has gone beyond everything normal because the explosion at the harbour means we have to change everything.

Protests take fight to Trump

Donald Trump is ­stepping up his right wing threats as he tries to secure his presidency.

Millions in danger as Covid-19 sweeps through India's slums

A new report reveals that Covid-19 is tightening its grip on India, and that millions of the world’s poorest people are in grave danger.

Workers in Russia riot and strike over unpaid wages

A wave of workers’ protests and riots over unpaid wages and working conditions has swept Russia during the coronavirus pandemic.

Florida teachers resist unsafe return to school

The biggest teaching union in Florida has filed a lawsuit to challenge an order to reopen schools next month.

US federal forces rampage to put down BLM risings

Protesters in Portland, Oregon, have night after night fought back against repression by Donald Trump’s federal troops.

Global spread of coronavirus is a warning of the threat from reckless Tory policies

Coronavirus continues to sweep across the globe, with underfunded and understaffed health services struggling to provide care. 

Anti-racist protesters face repression in Portland - but refuse to be cowed

Anti-racist protesters in Portland, Oregon are continuing their battles against police and federal troops sent in by US president Donald Trump.

Migrants locked up in Russia stage mass hunger strike

Socialists in Russia report on a hunger strike and sit-in by migrants trapped in Russia's detention system

Black Lives strike hits 160 cities across US

Workers’ action on Monday showed the anger at racism and poor conditions, says Sophie Squire

Struggle wins pay rise from Macron, but health workers in France protest for more

Mass demonstrations, strikes and consistent campaigning have forced the French government to give a pay rise to health workers.

Record rises in global coronavirus cases warn against a return to ‘normal’

The World Health Organisation (WHO) recorded two consecutive record daily increases in coronavirus cases across the globe on Friday and Saturday.

Response to Covid-19 outbreak in Victoria treats ordinary people as ‘expendable’

The Australian state of Victoria recorded 363 new coronavirus cases on Saturday amid growing anger at how the authorities are failing to protect people.

Millions threatened by a famine driven by the coronavirus

The World Health Organisation recorded a record number of global cases on Sunday.

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