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Unofficial rail strikes in France could derail neoliberal president Macron

A series of unofficial rail strikes in France have shown the potential for massive resistance to president Emmanuel Macron.

Could demonstrations mark a new phase of the revolution in Sudan?

People are becoming frustrated at the lack of change, reports Charlie Kimber

Protesters show unity in Lebanon

Mass demonstrations across Lebanon have entered their second week

Murderers gloat over Isis

US president Donald Trump gloated after the alleged killing of Isis leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

Violent offensive hasn’t stopped the movement in Iraq

Protesters in Iraq have defied violent attacks to stay on the streets against unemployment, poverty and corruption

Eyewitness from mass protests and police repression in Catalonia

Angry protests swept Catalonia last weekend over harsh jail sentences handed down to activists who called the 2017 independence referendum. Over 350,000 people marched last Saturday.

‘We are witnessing an insurrection against 30 years of neoliberalism in Chile’

What’s happening in Chile at the moment can be called an insurrection. 

Movement in Lebanon demands fall of the government

Protesters in Lebanon are calling for “revolution”. They are demanding an end to corruption and poverty—and the fall of the government.

GM auto strikers debate new deal, while Chicago teachers take action

Workers at General Motors (GM) plants and factories across the US are voting on a tentative deal

Marchers fight cops back in Hong Kong

Hundreds of thousands of people protested in Kowloon, Hong Kong

Revolt over cost of living defies troops on the streets of Chile

Protests over a fares hike quickly became a much broader struggle—and stayed on the streets despite a crackdown

Mass protests and strikes for democracy in Catalonia

A general strike brought much of Catalonia to a standstill on Friday.

International round-up - US car workers’ strike continues

Bosses at General Motors n the US offered a new contract, as a strike of nearly 50,000 workers entered its fifth week

Protests in Ecuador force government to back down

Protesters in Ecuador have forced the government to cancel an austerity package

Protests around the world for the planet

From Germany to India, the US to New Zealand, people from around the world took action in unity to demand climate justice.

International Rebellion over climate change reaches 60 countries

Organisers say rebels in around 60 countries will take action during the two-week International Rebellion.

International round-up: Trump keeps up attacks on migrants

Trump keeps up attacks on migrants

Protesters in Hong Kong resist as rulers’ mask slips

Authorities in Hong Kong have resorted to using old, authoritarian laws to try and suppress a pro-democracy movement. It has sparked more furious protests.

Donald Trump backs a Turkish invasion of Syria

Donald Trump gave the go-ahead for a Turkish invasion of northern Syria on Monday in another betrayal of the Kurdish people.

Protester shot in Hong Kong on China anniversary

Police shot an 18 year old man during angry pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong on Tuesday.

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