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New elections for Palestinian Authority

The Palestinian Authority (PA) has said it will have its first elections in 15 years

‘Our action is a real step forward,’ say French health workers ahead of strikes

Health unions and patient groups were set for a day of strikes and protests across France on Thursday this week.

Report on deaths of 9,000 Irish children is a cover-up

An Irish investigation reported last week on how over 9,000 children died at 18 institutions for “unmarried mothers” and their babies between 1922 and 1998.

A year since the first Covid-19 death, global rulers have failed to contain coronavirus

Monday marked one year since the first Covid-19 death in Wuhan, China.

Israel keeps coronavirus vaccine from people in Palestine

The latest outrage shows that the so-called ‘two-state solution’ is a sham, says Nick Clark

Georgia Democrat wins mark Southern change

The victory of two Democrat senators in the southern state of Georgia has tipped the scales in Joe Biden’s favour just before he becomes president.

Fascism is more than a racist movement

A sinister collection of Trump supporters, far right conspiracy theorists and outright fascists were in the crowd that broke in the US Capitol building. There is no doubt Nazis were at the core.

‘We can beat back the fascists,’ says US socialist

Socialists in the United States are vowing to double down on their efforts to stamp on the fascist and racist threat

International round-up: Millions of workers could add to Indian farmers’ protests

Protests by hundreds of thousands of farmers in India continue to grow despite cold and heavy rain in the capital New Delhi. 

Trump resorts to threats in bid to cling onto power

US president Donald Trump is still refusing to concede defeat in last November’s election. 

Farmers’ protests in India pile on pressure

Farmers’ protests in India continue to put the hard right government of Narendra Modi under extreme pressure.

‘The crisis for the revolution in Tunisia is also a crisis for the regime’

Tunisian socialist Jaouhar Bani says revolution has left a regime in constant crisis—and increased outbursts of resistance

Cops target socialists in Greece with arrests

Greek police arrested more than 100 people, including leading members of the Socialist Workers Party, at a rally on Sunday.

Police ramp up repression as tens of thousands join protests in France

Around 100,000 people joined 90 demonstrations across France on Saturday against the government’s repressive global security law.

International round up: Protest success in Guatemala

Furious protests in Guatemala have forced the government to abandon a budget that put big business first and lined the pockets of government officials.

Conflict grows as Israel murders Iranian scientist

Israel brutally assassinated a scientist just outside the Iranian capital Tehran on Friday of last week.

Hundreds of thousands take to streets against security law in France

Over 300,000 people demonstrated across France on Saturday against the government’s proposed global security law. 

Biden picks ‘diverse’ cabinet of warmongers and Wall Street’s friends

President-elect Joe Biden’s first slate of cabinet choices this week was heralded as inclusive and diverse in the liberal press. 

Indian general strike shows workers’ power to take on hard right Modi government

A stunning general strike by 250 million Indian workers on Thursday shut down most of the country’s main cities and towns.

General strike to resist attacks on workers’ rights in Greece

Prime minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis wants to introduce new legislation that would allow bosses to force through longer working hours with no increase in pay

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