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Mass protests of students, workers and farmers defy repression in Catalonia

The Spanish government faces increasing defiance to its attempts to crush a referendum on independence in Catalonia.

International round up: Donald Trump adds three more countries to travel ban

US president Donald Trump has ramped up his racist assault.

Catalan movement rocks the Spanish state to its core

The Spanish government is facing a deep political crisis as people in Catalonia defy its attempts to crush a referendum on independence.

Germany shifts to the right, but thousands protest against AfD gains

Demonstrators took to the streets in response to the far right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party’s general election breakthrough.

Protests against Catalan clampdown plunge Spanish state into crisis

The Spanish government is facing a deep political crisis as people in Catalonia defy attempts to crush a referendum on independence.

What's behind the call for a general strike in South Africa?

The Cosatu trade union federation in South Africa has called a general strike for next Wednesday, 27 September.

Battle is on as Spanish state tries to repress Catalan independence vote

The Spanish state is trying to prevent people in Catalonia from voting in a referendum on Catalan independence on 1 October.

Anger in Missouri after verdict ‘lets cop get away with murder’

Cop walks free despite evidence that suggests he planted a gun—leading thousands to join angry protests, reports Mark Longden in St Louis

'We're opposing Trump's drive to war', say South Korean socialists

Members of Workers' Solidarity, Socialist Worker's sister newspaper in South Korea, spoke about what's behind the nuclear tensions—and how the South Korean working class movement is responding

Million march for Catalonian independence

Supporters of Catalan independence responded to new harassment by the Spanish government with a million-strong march on Monday.

Mass French strike to defend workers’ rights

Strikers, students and activists were marching through the major cities of France as Socialist Worker went to press on Tuesday in a day of strikes and protests.

Protesters oppose the massacres in Myanmar

Vicious attacks on the Rohingya Muslims have seen people take to the streets, says Tomáš Tengely-Evans

Hurricane Irma means storm chaos for the poorest as rich rulers refuse to help

Hurricane Irma blasted a trail of destruction through the Caribbean last week. At least 28 deaths had been reported by Monday, with ten countries hit.

Fury at massacre of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar

Over 160,000 Rohingya minority Muslims have been forced to flee their homes in western Myanmar

West leaves victims of South Asia floods to rot as homes are swept away in monsoon

Over 1,200 people are dead, millions displaced and a third of Bangladesh is under water after devastating floods hit parts of South Asia.

Donald Trump’s showdown with North Korea risks disaster

Threats against the US’s imperial rivals China and North Korea are reckless and dangerous

Myanmar's military and Aung San Suu Kyi stoke racist attacks on Rohingya Muslims

Thousands of Rohingya minority Muslims have been forced to flee their homes in western Myanmar in the last week.

Togo protesters defy police brutality in fight to topple regime

Mass demonstrations for democratic rights have swept across Togo

‘Cops care more about property than people,’ say Houston activists after Storm Harvey

Tens of thousands of people in Texas are in shelters facing an uncertain future

Chemical leaks threaten poorest suburbs in Houston's danger zones

In the shadow of some of the world’s biggest oil refineries, Storm Harvey’s floodwaters brought dangerous toxins to poor black and Hispanic communities.

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