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Trump’s threats over Iran deal can plunge him into new crisis

Trump is ratcheting up tensions against Iran

Workers’ mobilisation can help to win the next crucial test for Catalan independence

The government of Catalonia is days away from a decisive test. It has a clear mandate from voters to declare independence from Spain—and a threat from the Spanish government to shut it down if it doesn’t drop the idea.

GALLERY - Workers stage a general strike in Catalonia

Workers staged a general strike in Catalonia on Tuesday of this week, following a huge vote for independence on Sunday.

Troops shoot protesters in Cameroon

Soldiers shot dead at least eight people and wounded many in Cameroon on Sunday.

Hamas could give up control of Gaza after ten years of brutal Israeli siege

Palestinian resistance group Hamas could give up control of the government in the Gaza Strip after ten years under siege by Israel.

Mass protests against police violence during the Catalan referendum hit Barcelona

Monster demonstrations involving tens of thousands in Barcelona took place in front of town halls around Catalonia today, Monday.

GALLERY - Scenes from Barcelona on the day of the Catalan referendum

Sunday's independence referendum in Catalonia saw ordinary people organise to resist state repression - and protect the right to vote

Eyewitness from Barcelona - ‘We‘ve defied repression in Catalonia independence vote’

Catalonia’s independence referendum – outlawed by the Spanish state – took place on Sunday. As voting closed, activist David Karvala spoke to Socialist Worker from outside a polling station in Barcelona

Catalans say they will resist repression ahead of independence referendum

Millions of people in Catalonia are set to defy the police and the state to vote on independence from Spain today, Sunday.

US repression and plunder lies behind the disaster unfolding in Puerto Rico

Two hurricanes have torn apart Puerto Rico. Some 15,000 people have had their homes destroyed or are living in shelters with little food or water.

GALLERY - Thousands join protests in Catalonia ahead of independence referendum

The Spanish government is facing a deep political crisis as people in Catalonia defy its attempts to crush a referendum on independence due to take place on Sunday. 

Mass protests of students, workers and farmers defy repression in Catalonia

The Spanish government faces increasing defiance to its attempts to crush a referendum on independence in Catalonia.

International round up: Donald Trump adds three more countries to travel ban

US president Donald Trump has ramped up his racist assault.

Catalan movement rocks the Spanish state to its core

The Spanish government is facing a deep political crisis as people in Catalonia defy its attempts to crush a referendum on independence.

Germany shifts to the right, but thousands protest against AfD gains

Demonstrators took to the streets in response to the far right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party’s general election breakthrough.

Protests against Catalan clampdown plunge Spanish state into crisis

The Spanish government is facing a deep political crisis as people in Catalonia defy attempts to crush a referendum on independence.

What's behind the call for a general strike in South Africa?

The Cosatu trade union federation in South Africa has called a general strike for next Wednesday, 27 September.

Battle is on as Spanish state tries to repress Catalan independence vote

The Spanish state is trying to prevent people in Catalonia from voting in a referendum on Catalan independence on 1 October.

Anger in Missouri after verdict ‘lets cop get away with murder’

Cop walks free despite evidence that suggests he planted a gun—leading thousands to join angry protests, reports Mark Longden in St Louis

'We're opposing Trump's drive to war', say South Korean socialists

Members of Workers' Solidarity, Socialist Worker's sister newspaper in South Korea, spoke about what's behind the nuclear tensions—and how the South Korean working class movement is responding

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