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Greece brought to a standstill as workers go on general strike

A general strike across both the public and private sectors brought Greece to a standstill on Thursday. It was called by the ADEDY and GSEE union federations against austerity and the Syriza government’s attack on the right to strike.

Unions should fight for Japan’s workers

Economic difficulties and political discontent lies behind a row over workers’ wages in Japan.

Fury in Palestine as Trump declares Jerusalem ‘capital of Israel’

A speech by Donald Trump could trigger a new wave of Palestinian resistance—and protests in solidarity across the Middle East.

Rich cheer Trump as he hands them a trillion in tax cuts

Tax cuts worth £1.1 trillion were passed in the US Senate last Saturday—and the rich cheered

Thousands march on AfD conference

Around 10,000 anti-racists marched on the far right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party conference in Hanover last Saturday.

Gunfights and killing as Yemen rebels split

‘Treasonous leader’ assassinated as Saudi aggression fuels more chaos and carnage

Workers set for new general strike in Greece as Syriza government plans more austerity

Trade unions in Greece have called a general strike on Thursday 14 December as parliament is set to discuss next year’s budget.

Mass slaughter at Egyptian mosque follows repression by dictator el-Sisi

Egypt’s dictator General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi promised to respond with “brute force” after an appalling terror attack on a mosque

Zimbabwe’s new president promises reforms that will hurt the working class

Zimbabwean president Emmerson Mnangagwa pledged to open up the country to international capital.

International round up - Egyptian activists returned to jail

Egyptian human rights lawyer and socialist Mahienour el-Massry has been jailed again alongside co-defendant Moatasem Medhat.

Sexual harassment at top level of US politics

The sexual harassment scandal at the top of US society has moved further into the political establishment.

Fears in Lebanon as its people ‘see war coming’

Ordinary people in Lebanon have begun stockpiling food and supplies, fearing that regional giant Saudi Arabia will push the country into civil war.

Robert Mugabe resigns: can ordinary people now win their own demands?

Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe resigned on Tuesday after a coup by generals and mobilisations on the streets

Robert Mugabe—how an anti-colonialist hero became an authoritarian nationalist

Robert Mugabe was a hero of the struggle against colonialism and first leader of independent Zimbabwe. He then became a compromiser with imperialism—and finally a dictator.

Endgame in Zimbabwe as army looks to replace Mugabe with neoliberal ‘hardman’

Pressure is mounting on Zimbabwe’s president Robert Mugabe after a coup by the army last Wednesday.

Australia’s vote for marriage equality is a victory, but not the end

Australians have voted overwhelmingly in favour of legalising marriage equality, sparking off celebration rallies of thousands around the country.

Zimbabwean socialist responds to ‘palace coup’ facing Mugabe’s regime

The Zimbabwean armed forces seized control of the capital Harare and detained president Robert Mugabe early on Wednesday morning. It is the result of a spiralling political crisis facing the regime, with rival factions of the ruling Zanu PF party jostling for power.

Socialist candidates have election success as voters turn against Trump

Donald Trump was elected US president one year ago. In a fitting act of defiance, voters brought in the most left wing candidates on offer in many city and state elections last week.

South Korea: 30,000 workers join protest and march to demand real change

Workers gathered in Seoul, the capital of South Korea, last Sunday to express their dissatisfaction with the government led by president Moon Jae-in.

Polish anti-fascists make brave stand against mass march

A tens of thousands-strong fascist-led march took place in Warsaw on Polish Independence Day last Saturday. At the same time anti-fascists organised a thousands-strong counter demonstration. 

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