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US election deal with Russia comes back to bite Donald Trump after emails leak

Will new revelations start to unravel US president’s tangled web of lies about lies, asks Simon Basketter

Lebanese socialist activists targeted after call for solidarity with Syrian refugees

Activists from the Socialist Forum in Lebanon are facing a campaign of threats and intimidation after they called for a protest in solidarity with Syrian refugees.

It’s our world or theirs as protests take on the G20 rulers in Hamburg

US president Donald Trump declared the G20 world rulers’ summit in Hamburg, Germany, last week a “wonderful success”.

Protests against the G20 in Hamburg have left the German government in a mess

The protests against the G20 summit in Hamburg over the last week showed that there’s a huge discontent with ruling classes all over the world.

Mission accomplished? Iraq’s heard that before

The Iraqi military said it was in the final stages of capturing the city of Mosul from Isis as Socialist Worker went to press.

Trump’s racist Muslim ban is back on

Donald Trump’s racist Muslim Ban was given the green light by a unanimous vote of the US Supreme Court judges on Monday.

Moroccan protests combat repression, poverty and inequality

The movement has revived again on a national scale with tens of thousands involved in demonstrations

Qatar crisis exposes dangerous tensions

A campaign of sanctions and threats against Gulf state Qatar showed up tensions among competing Middle Eastern powers—and confusion among the US ruling class.

Trouble for Trump after top spook Comey's allegations

Congressional hearing damages the US president

Catalonia independence referendum defies Spanish state ban

The Catalan government in Barcelona has called a referendum on independence—defying a ban by the Spanish government in Madrid.

Did the US use white phosphorus weapons in its attacks on Syria and Iraq?

US-led forces stand accused of dropping horrific white phosphorus weapons in Mosul in Iraq and Raqqa in Syria.

Main parties' votes collapse in French elections

The traditional main parties in France collapsed in the first round of parliamentary elections on Sunday.

Nazi threat is growing in Trump's shadow, but meets with resistance

A shocking series of racist murders and provocations serve as a reminder that the bile pumped out by Donald Trump’s White House has consequences in US society.

Massacres made by the West

Two massacres of civilians, including children, each on a greater scale than the Manchester bombing took place last week—and the West was directly involved in both.

Bullying and posturing fail to stifle the resistance as Palestinian hunger strike ends

Palestinians in Israeli prisons declared victory last Saturday after ending a 40-day mass hunger strike.

Greek workers strike as MPs debate European Union's austerity demands

Tens of thousands of workers flooded the streets of central Athens in Greece yesterday, Wednesday, as the country was brought to a standstill by a general strike.

Renewed resistance to Trump can wound crisis-ridden bigot

Pressure on Donald Trump’s rotten presidency increased last week with growing calls for his impeachment.

Deepening divisions in the ruling class over Trump's sacking of James Comey

The FBI director’s sacking shows splits at the top of society that the resistance should exploit, says Alistair Farrow

Protests pile pressure on South African president and miners in Ukraine fight back

South Africa’s president Jacob Zuma was facing a vote of no confidence in parliament this week—just as protests surged in areas around the largest city Johannesburg.

Right mobilises in Venezuela as left wing president faces crisis

For the second time in three years mass, violent protests by the right wing have provoked a political crisis in Venezuela.

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