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Crooks and racists vie for office in Italian elections

The failures of the Italian left have opened the door for right wing and racist forces

Israel threatens new assault on Gaza—and war with Iran

Israel is threatening a new and bloody war on Palestinians in the Gaza Strip who are already suffering from a deepening crisis.

Life in South Africa after a decade of Zuma—interview with Ronnie Kasrils

South African socialist and former African National Congress minister Ronnie Kasrils spoke to Charlie Kimber about the significance of president Jacob Zuma’s resignation

Western-backed regime in Ethiopia cracks down after protests topple prime minister

Ethiopian prime minister Hailemariam Desalegn resigned last week following nearly three years of protests

Backlash at school shooting feeds into rage against Trump

National school walkouts have been organised by students in the wake of the horrific massacre in Parkland, Florida

Imperialist tensions lie behind North and South Korean peace negotiations

Many Koreans were delighted to see North and South Korean athletes marching as part of one delegation at the Winter Olympics’ opening ceremony last Friday.

South Africa: getting rid of corrupt president isn’t enough

Zuma has gone, but a new face at the top won’t deliver real change for the people, argues Charlie Kimber

Marching to stem rise of fascism in Poland

A new law has been passed in Poland which could mean three years in prison for anyone who suggests Polish people committed war crimes during the Second World War.

Greek right attempt comeback with nationalist rally

A mass nationalist march showed the left needs to keep up the fightback

Donald Trump uses his state of the union address to fight for survival

US president Donald Trump used his state of the union address last week to attack migrants, ethnic minorities and women.

International round up: Protest at Austria's far right ‘Academics Ball’

And German manufacturing workers on strike

US won’t hold back Turkey in Syrian war

Looking to the US to intervene on behalf of the Kurds is a recipe for disaster, argues?Nick Clark

Solidarity with Emin Sakir

Emin Sakir, a member of the Revolutionary Socialist Workers Party (Dsip) in Turkey has now been in jail for more than 60 days.

President Mnangagwa tries to woo big business and the white farmers

Zimbabwean president Emmerson Mnangagwa was set to tell the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, this week that the country is “open for business”.

Israeli siege leaves Gaza on the brink of collapse

The basics of life are in short supply, and an Israeli minister has called for more deaths, writes?Nick Clark

Mahienour el-Massry and Moatasem Medhat released from jail in Egypt

Lawyer and revolutionary socialist Mahienour el-Massry and trade unionist Moatasem Medhat have been acquitted on appeal by a court in Alexandria, Egypt.

Transport strike in Greece cancels flights and brings trains and buses to a standstill

Thousands of transport workers in Greece struck on Monday of this week against the left wing Syriza government’s plans to bring in harsh new anti-union laws.

Tens of thousands join metal workers’ strikes in Germany over pay and hours

A series of strikes by tens of thousands of metal workers are showing the potential power of the German working class.

Trump attacks migrants and the planet - and increases the nuclear threat

The explosive revelations of The Fire and the Fury book on US president Donald Trump has dominated headlines over the past week.

Israeli blacklist bans BDS activists from entering the country

Israel has published a list of 20 organisations—including the Palestine Solidarity Campaign in Britain—whose activists and senior officials are banned from entering the country.

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