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Palestinian hunger strike in Israeli prisons

Between 1,600 and 2,000 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails began a hunger strike on Monday.

Protests erupt after Serbian election

Protests against president-elect Aleksandar Vucic have swept across Serbia in recent weeks.

Donald Trump’s row with North Korea could prove deadly

Warmongering US president Donald Trump is ramping up tensions across the world to assert the US’s global dominance.

Trade unionists in Nigeria, Kazakhstan and India need our solidarity

Workers in Nigeria, Kazakhstan and India are fighting bosses’ attacks in the face of repression from their governments.

Pakistan—Riaz Ahmed released but battle for justice continues as charges not dropped

Dr Riaz Ahmed, a human rights defender and renowned Marxist intellectual in Pakistan, has won bail following a court case today, Thursday

International activists meet in Hamburg and plan action at the G20 summit

Activists from across Europe are planning to shut down Hamburg when the global ruling class, including Donald Trump, hold their G20 Summit there in July. Tens of thousands are expected join a week of protest in the northern German port city.

Protests in Gaza after Palestinian Authority slashes public sector workers’ wages

Thousands of Palestinian public sector workers have taken to the streets in Gaza in protest against a pay cut.

Free Riaz Ahmed!

Dr Riaz Ahmed, human rights defender and renowned Marxist intellectual, was seized by security forces in Pakistan on Saturday

Corruption crisis could bring down South African president Jacob Zuma

Protests in South Africa have rocked the state and could topple the president, writes Charlie Kimber

International news round up

Stories from the resistance to police violence in France, and solid strikes by Irish transport workers fighting pay cuts

Western powers cynically use massacre in Syria to further their own interests

The world’s imperialist powers are arguing about how to turn a massacre in Syria with poison gas to their advantage—and make the lot of Syrians even worse.

The West's war sees record bombing in Iraq and Syria killing hundreds

Leaders who condemned the attacks in Westminster are sowing terror in Iraq and Syria, writes Dave Sewell

Donald Trump gets beaten on Obamacare as activists get set for new struggles

Donald Trump has been defeated on one of his core election pledges to repeal Obamacare, and now activists are getting ready for further resistance

Workers come last in the first of US president Donald Trump's budgets

Attacks on workers could be trouble for Trump—if the movement stays strong enough, says Alistair Farrow

UN's Rima Khalaf forced to resign after criticising Israeli 'apartheid'

Head of a United Nations (UN) agency Rima Khalaf has been forced to resign after publishing a report calling Israel an apartheid state.

Racist right in Netherlands could see election breakthrough

As people in the Netherlands vote in a general election today, Wednesday, the result could be another breakthrough for the racist right.

Dutch far right comes second in election—but establishment parties can't stem its rise

Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte has hailed the result as a victory against “the wrong kind of populism”.

Trump suffers setback over second Muslim ban

US president Donald Trump’s latest Muslim ban has suffered a sharp legal reverse

Large march in Paris caps off international weekend of anti-racism

Over ten thousand people demonstrated in Paris yesterday, Sunday, against racism and police violence

Big protests in Ireland, the US and across the world mark International Women's Day

Protests for abortion rights and against sexist governments took place across the world to mark International Women’s Day

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