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Million march for Catalonian independence

Supporters of Catalan independence responded to new harassment by the Spanish government with a million-strong march on Monday.

Mass French strike to defend workers’ rights

Strikers, students and activists were marching through the major cities of France as Socialist Worker went to press on Tuesday in a day of strikes and protests.

Protesters oppose the massacres in Myanmar

Vicious attacks on the Rohingya Muslims have seen people take to the streets, says Tomáš Tengely-Evans

Hurricane Irma means storm chaos for the poorest as rich rulers refuse to help

Hurricane Irma blasted a trail of destruction through the Caribbean last week. At least 28 deaths had been reported by Monday, with ten countries hit.

Fury at massacre of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar

Over 160,000 Rohingya minority Muslims have been forced to flee their homes in western Myanmar

West leaves victims of South Asia floods to rot as homes are swept away in monsoon

Over 1,200 people are dead, millions displaced and a third of Bangladesh is under water after devastating floods hit parts of South Asia.

Donald Trump’s showdown with North Korea risks disaster

Threats against the US’s imperial rivals China and North Korea are reckless and dangerous

Myanmar's military and Aung San Suu Kyi stoke racist attacks on Rohingya Muslims

Thousands of Rohingya minority Muslims have been forced to flee their homes in western Myanmar in the last week.

Togo protesters defy police brutality in fight to topple regime

Mass demonstrations for democratic rights have swept across Togo

‘Cops care more about property than people,’ say Houston activists after Storm Harvey

Tens of thousands of people in Texas are in shelters facing an uncertain future

Chemical leaks threaten poorest suburbs in Houston's danger zones

In the shadow of some of the world’s biggest oil refineries, Storm Harvey’s floodwaters brought dangerous toxins to poor black and Hispanic communities.

Trump pardons sheriff who ran racist ‘concentration camp’

Trump used the cover of Storm Harvey to pardon Joe Arpaio, the racist former Arizona sheriff.

Strike gives hope in Egypt’s textile mills

The Mahalla textile strike shows the potential for Egyptian workers to fight in the face of repression, writes Tom Kay

Thousands of protesters in Rome defend refugees after police attacks

Thousands of people marched through Rome last Saturday in protest at police violence against refugees.

In Qatar, Yemen and Gaza, power play of Saudis and Iran brings new danger

An economic blockade led by US ally Saudi Arabia backfired spectacularly as Qatar announced it had reopened full diplomatic ties with Iran last week.

Poor in Houston made to bear the brunt of Storm Harvey floods

The people of Houston have been let down by authorities’ failure to plan for deluge

Spanish Tory government is hounded on its own march

Activists in Barcelona made sure a protest in response to terror attacks opposed war and racism, reports Maria Dantas

Anti-racist movement is new crisis for Trump

Mass protests across the US have forced White House Republicans out the door, reports Alistair Farrow

Two parliaments vie for legitimacy in Venezuela as the US backs the right

Diplomats representing the US, Britain, Spain, Mexico and other countries rallied around the right wing opposition in Venezuela last Saturday.

Nazis outnumbered by anti-fascist protesters across the US

Thousands of US anti-racists came out to oppose a right wing demonstration in Boston yesterday, Saturday.

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