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Greek workers strike as MPs debate European Union's austerity demands

Tens of thousands of workers flooded the streets of central Athens in Greece yesterday, Wednesday, as the country was brought to a standstill by a general strike.

Renewed resistance to Trump can wound crisis-ridden bigot

Pressure on Donald Trump’s rotten presidency increased last week with growing calls for his impeachment.

Deepening divisions in the ruling class over Trump's sacking of James Comey

The FBI director’s sacking shows splits at the top of society that the resistance should exploit, says Alistair Farrow

Protests pile pressure on South African president and miners in Ukraine fight back

South Africa’s president Jacob Zuma was facing a vote of no confidence in parliament this week—just as protests surged in areas around the largest city Johannesburg.

Right mobilises in Venezuela as left wing president faces crisis

For the second time in three years mass, violent protests by the right wing have provoked a political crisis in Venezuela.

The election of Macron in France won’t solve a ruling class crisis

A neoliberal president in office, all the main political parties in crisis—and fascists waiting in the wings. Dave Sewell says there’ll be more French resistance to come

US Republicans lead the assault on healthcare with new repeal bill

Donald Trump’s US government is pushing through healthcare attacks, but mobilising on the streets can beat them back, reports Alistair Farrow

French left organises against the Nazi Marine Le Pen in presidential election

It’s right to emphasise the danger of Le Pen—and to oppose ex-banker Macron too, says Dave Sewell

Mass protests in the US will mark 100 days of Donald Trump

In the 100 days since Donald Trump came to office he has clashed with sections of the political establishment and, crucially, faced opposition on the streets and in workplaces.

Thousands of Palestinians join general strike in solidarity with prisoners

Clashes erupted across the West Bank last Friday as Palestinians held a “day of rage” in solidarity with hunger-striking prisoners.

Thousands strike and march in the US for migrants’ rights on May Day

The movement against Donald Trump’s crackdown on migrants leapt forward on Monday.

US and its allies rattle sabres in Korea row

The US and South Korea held their “largest ever” annual joint military exercise last week. The Japanese navy is sending two destroyers to rendezvous with US warship Carl Vinson.

Over 20,000 march on racist AfD party's conference in Germany

Over 20,000 people protested against the racist Alternative for Germany (AfD) conference in Cologne last Saturday. 

Establishment parties in crisis and fascists on rise after first round of French election

For the first time neither of France’s main parties will be represented in the second round of its presidential elections, after an historic upset in Sunday’s first round.

Turkey’s president wins referendum through force and fraud

Protesters took to the streets of several Turkish cities last Sunday after authorities declared victory for president Recep Tayyip Erdogan in a referendum. Also: hunger strike in Palestine, mass protests in Serbia

Palestinian hunger strike in Israeli prisons

Between 1,600 and 2,000 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails began a hunger strike on Monday.

Protests erupt after Serbian election

Protests against president-elect Aleksandar Vucic have swept across Serbia in recent weeks.

Donald Trump’s row with North Korea could prove deadly

Warmongering US president Donald Trump is ramping up tensions across the world to assert the US’s global dominance.

Trade unionists in Nigeria, Kazakhstan and India need our solidarity

Workers in Nigeria, Kazakhstan and India are fighting bosses’ attacks in the face of repression from their governments.

Pakistan—Riaz Ahmed released but battle for justice continues as charges not dropped

Dr Riaz Ahmed, a human rights defender and renowned Marxist intellectual in Pakistan, has won bail following a court case today, Thursday

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