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Polish anti-fascists plan counter demo against mass march in Warsaw

Poland’s Independence Day this Saturday will be marked by one of the biggest demonstrations led fascists in Europe. The “Independence March”, held annually in the capital Warsaw, has attracted tens of thousands in recent years.

Jailings in Catalonia spur fight on streets

Successfully resisting the Spanish state will mean looking beyond elections, writes Dave Sewell

Sharp rivalry between Saudi Arabia and Iran forces out leader of Lebanon


Outrage after Spanish state jails and abuses Catalan government ministers

The Spanish authorities jailed the vice president and eight ministers of the deposed Catalan government, and then mistreated them

Only the mass movement can push Spanish state onto the back foot

A tumultuous week in the struggle over Catalonia saw a declaration of independence

International round-up - protests in Togo while right makes gains in Czech election

Brutal repression by Togolese dictator Faure Gnassingbe’s regime has forced more than 500 people to flee the West African country for Ghana.

FBI inquiry into Russian involvement in US election piles pressure onto Donald Trump

The pressure on racist, sexist US president Donald Trump was growing as Socialist Worker went to press on Tuesday.

Catalonia declares independence after people power defies state blackmail

People all over Catalonia are celebrating the long-awaited declaration of independence by the Catalan parliament.

Catalonian independence hangs in the balance as Puigdemont hesitates

 The Spanish state is on the attack. Only radical measures can repulse the assault.

Protesters say “don't give into the Spanish state”

Catalan president Carles Puigdemont seems ready to bow to pressure from the Spanish state by dissolving parliament for new elections.

Lies unravel about US military raid in Niger

The lies peddled by the United States political and military elite about the deaths of soldiers in West Africa are falling apart - as Socialist Worker predicted

Trump’s Muslim ban is foiled again

Protesters in the US celebrated a victory as injunctions delayed the implementation of president Donald Trump’s third travel ban on Wednesday of last week.

Fury as Nazi MPs enter the German parliament

Half of the Alternative for Germany party’s new MPs are linked to fascist groups, says Tomáš Tengely-Evans

Breaking point in Catalonia as Spanish state begins push for direct rule

The political crisis between the government of the Spanish state and Catalonia has deepened again.

Mogadishu bomb exposes the brutal legacy of US imperialism in Somalia

A truck bomb in Mogadishu in Somalia last Saturday killed at least 320 people and injured hundreds more.

Right gains in Austrian election are a warning to anti-racists

The Austrian general election was a further warning of the danger of the far right.

Movement back on the streets in Catalonia

The Spanish state could regain the upper hand if the mass movement is demobilised, writes Dave Sewell

Hamas surrenders Gaza Strip to Fatah


Iraq attacks Kurds to halt breakaway


Austrian Tories open the door to the fascists

The elections in Austria have shown a sharp move to the right. They are a further warning of the danger of the far right exploiting the bitterness in society.

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