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Yellow Vests gear up for big push to mark four months of a movement against Macron

The French Yellow Vest movement and organised workers in the trade unions face a big test.

‘Israel is for Jewish people alone,’ says its prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu

Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu confirmed last week that Israel—the state founded on Palestinian land—doesn’t belong to its Palestinian citizens

Strikes and protests rock Algerian regime for third week

Huge protests against Algerian president Abdelaziz Bouteflika have gripped the North African country for the third consecutive week.

Millions join International Women’s Day strikes in Spain

Women struck across the Spanish state on Friday, International Women’s Day, in a howl of rage against oppression.

UN slams Israel over Gaza protests

Israel may have committed war crimes in its efforts to crush Palestinian protests in the Gaza Strip

Determined Yellow Vests build more mobilisations despite repression

The French Yellow Vests are preparing for major mobilisations, in particular on 16 March.

Strikes in North Africa rattle rotten regimes

Huge protests have swept Algeria in North Africa demanding the fall of president Abdelaziz Bouteflika.

India and Pakistan ramp up threat of new war in Kashmir

The conflict between India and Pakistan over their disputed border region Kashmir threatens to unleash new hell on a land that has seen too much of it already.

Yellow Vest struggle in France must spread to win

Big Yellow Vest protests took place in France again last Saturday, the 15th successive week of action

Sudanese regime is ramping up repression

Al-Bashir is resorting to increasingly brutal methods but the rebellion is not going away

Striking teachers in California join growing revolt over pay and funding

Around 3,300 teachers in Oakland, California, began their fourth day of strikes on Tuesday.

Venezuelan crisis grows amid border showdown

As the right exploits the social crisis, it’s make or break time for left winger Nicolas Maduro, says Alistair Farrow

Nuclear-armed India and Pakistan close to war over Kashmir

India and Pakistan are once more on the brink of terrible conflict.

Crunch time in Venezuela

The right wing coup attempt in Venezuela was set to reach a key turning point this week.

Democrats won’t stop Trump’s wall

Racist US president Donald Trump announced a “state of emergency” on Friday of last week in order to get funding to build his anti-migrant border wall.

Rage at rule of the rich and the corrupt hits Haiti

Huge protests and a general strike in outrage at corruption have gripped Haiti.

Yellow Vests take to streets despite cop violence and trials

The French government and the police are saying the Yellow Vest movement is all but finished.

Workers across Europe strike back against austerity

The economic and social policies pushed by the European Union (EU) are often described as a haven from inequality and crisis.

Spanish elections will highlight Catalan struggle and continuing austerity

Spanish prime minister Pedro Sanchez of the Labour-type PSOE party has dissolved parliament and called elections for 28 April.

More migrant deaths likely at US southern border after Democrats grant Trump funding

The Democratic Party handed US president Donald Trump a partial victory over funding for his border wall plan

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