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India risks nuclear war with attack on Kashmir

India’s removal of autonomy for Kashmir is rooted in racism and imperialism

‘The movement is at a critical point’—voice from Hong Kong

After nearly two months of protests, Hong Kong’s mass movement has reached a critical moment.

Trump’s border cops separate over 900 migrant families

Hundreds of migrant children and parents have been separated at the US Mexico border, despite a judge ruling that the policy should stop last summer.

Crackdown on protests as Putin fears challenge in upcoming local elections

Russian police arrested thousands of protestors in the capital Moscow

Israel hijacks Palestinian taxes

Israel has reportedly transferred some £117 million worth of Palestinian taxes to the Israel Electric Corporation

Game of battleships ramps up in the Gulf

A second British warship arrived off the coast of Iran on Monday

Hong Kong protesters defy state’s violence

Protesters fighting the extradition bill have been subjected to horiffic attacks

‘We’ve risen up against corruption and austerity’, Puerto Rico protesters speak out

Protesters in Puerto Rico have stayed on the streets after the resignation of disgraced governor Ricardo Rosello last week.

Trade union leaders call on Egypt's military regime to release Hisham Fouad and Haitham Mohamedain

Add your support for a campaign in solidarity with journalist Hisham Fouad and lawyer Haitham Mohamedain

Protests in Puerto Rico after leaks

Protests have been taking place in Puerto Rico following over 300 pages of leaked message threads between governor Ricardo Rosello and other top officials

Israeli state smashes up Palestinian homes

Israel began a major demolition of houses in East Jerusalem and the West Bank this week

Fury after masked attack in Hong Kong

Protesters in Hong Kong are furious after police failed to stop an attack on them at a train station

Rising opposition to deal with the Sudanese army

There is increasing rejection of a rotten deal signed by some opposition leaders with the ­murderous Sudanese military

Walmart workers join a mass strike

Over 17,000 Walmart supermarket workers walked out on Wednesday of last week to join a strike movement that has the potential to bring the Chilean ruling class to its knees.

Opposition to Sudan's military deal

Some of Sudan’s local resistance committees are opposing a recent deal between the opposition and the military.

Big US protests over horrific abuses of migrants’ rights

Thousands of people protested last weekend across the US in defiance of Donald Trump’s horrific treatment of migrants and refugees.

Black Vests challenge racism of the French state

Around 1,000 Black Vest activists and others occupied one of France’s most famous monuments on Friday—and were met by vicious police repression.

Racist police killing of Solomon Tekah sparks angry protests across Israel

Ethiopian Israelis rioted and protested last week after a cop shot and killed an unarmed teenager.

Strike wave sweeps Chile

A mass strike wave in Chile has thrust the country’s ruling class into a political crisis.

The downfall of Syriza in Greek elections is a crucial lesson for the left

Greece’s once-radical left wing party Syriza was booted out of government in elections on Sunday—after four years of enforcing austerity and racism.

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