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Sudan - revolution at the crossroads

Sudan’s opposition leaders have said they will agree to a compromise deal with the country’s military rulers. But the military rejected it.

Istanbul mayor vote a blow for Turkey’s president

Opposition delivers major defeat to the ruling AKP party by winning re?run Istanbul election

US cancels war on Iran—for now

US president Donald Trump pushed the button for air strikes on Iran last Thursday. He then cancelled 13 minutes before the missiles launched—and that’s according to Trump.

Donald Trump ramps up savage attacks on migrants

Donald Trump’s savage war on migrants ramped up on ­multiple fronts last week.

Resist the Trump team’s desire for war with Iran

 US and British politicians, led by president Donald Trump risk a drive towards war with Iran

Millions of workers join walkouts against Bolsonaro in Brazil

Millions of workers struck in Brazil on Friday of last week against bigoted president Jair Bolsonaro’s pension reforms.

Eyewitness from Hong Kong as protests force a retreat on extradition bill

The government in Hong Kong has suspended a planned bill that would have allowed extraditions to mainland China. The climbdown follows huge demonstrations.

Halt of general strike risks stalling the revolt in Sudan

Sudan’s revolt suffered a setback as opposition leaders called off a general strike—despite its huge success

US backs Israel’s right to grab more land

Israel has the right to claim ownership of even more stolen Palestinian land, a senior US diplomat has said

Protesters keep up the fight for change in Algeria

People took to the streets of Algeria last week in huge numbers for the 16th successive Friday of protests

News round up: EU leaders’ cruelty could lead to a ‘sea of blood’

The risk of migrants and refugees becoming shipwrecked in the Mediterranean and dying at sea is the highest it has ever been, the United Nations has warned.

Million take to streets in Hong Kong to stop law

Protests erupted against a repressive new law proposed by the Chinese state

Sudanese workers deepen revolt with a general strike against the regime

Workers in Sudan have shown their power to bring society to a halt in the battle against the ruthless military regime.

Resist Sudan’s killer regime

Revolution hangs in the balance after Sudan’s military launched a brutal crackdown against the opposition. But a call for an indefinite general strike offers hope

Algerian state cracks down on movement

The Algerian state is stepping up its repression of protesters in an effort to quash the mass movement demanding real change

Students take on far right president in Brazil

Students and workers took to the streets across Brazil last week in the latest series of protests against Jair Bolsonaro’s attempts to slash education funding

Rows on the Israeli right force fresh elections

Failure to form a government is good for parties that want to take Israel further to the right

Sudanese union calls general strike for ‘full victory’ against military

Groups of workers across Sudan began a two-day general strike on Tuesday as part of the fight to remove the military regime.

Strikes for future of Sudanese revolution

Workers are fighting to defend their movement from the old regime’s repression, writes?Charlie Kimber

International round up: Corruption final nail in coffin for Austrian Tory - Nazi allies

Anti-fascists in Austria are celebrating after the collapse of the country’s Tory/Nazi coalition last weekend.

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