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International round up: Trump's shutdown and Palestinian killed by Israelis

Racist US president Donald Trump has temporarily backed down from his attempt to use a federal shutdown to force through £5 billion funding for his infamous border wall.

Mood of rebellion moves to French trade unions

Yellow Vests and trade unionists could together deliver a crushing blow to France’s president Emmanuel Macron.

Venezuelan president faces coup backed by the right

Venezuela is on the brink of a right-wing coup sponsored by the US.

Right wing power move in Venezuela deepens economic crisis

An attempted right wing takeover of the Venezuelan state has thrown the country deeper into crisis.

International round-up—climate strikes, Bolsonaro corruption and Sudan revolt

More than 10,000 Belgian school students struck last week to demand urgent action on climate change.

Donald Trump in shutdown war as striking teachers fight back

US president Donald Trump is looking increasingly desperate over his government shutdown.

Zimbabwe eyewitness - ‘The government has declared war on its citizens’

Workers and the poor rose up against the government, and they face bitter repression

Teachers’ strike puts pressure on Syriza and the Greek state

A confidence vote in the Greek government shows the scale of Syriza’s crisis, says Nick Clark

Strikes and protests in India pressure Modi’s BJP before the general election

Up to 200 million workers in India joined a two-day general strike last week.

Yellow Vests defy French state and stay on the streets

Repression is failing to stem the movement in France—and the protests are once again growing bigger, writes Charlie Kimber

Yellow Vests pack a punch in France

The Yellow Vest movement in France roared back into action with renewed vigour last Saturday.

Donald Trump threatens more government shutdown chaos

The US government is being held to ransom by its racist president. Donald Trump has threatened to declare a state of emergency in order to force through £5 billion in funding for his infamous border wall.

Attack on migrants in US forces workers to go unpaid

US president Donald Trump is so determined to push forward his racist assault on migrants that he is prepared to stop government workers’ pay.

Mass protests in Sudan rock Omar al-Bashir’s regime

Mass protests in the north African country of Sudan over the price of basic goods have been met by vicious repression. But they have continued and threaten President Omar al-Bashir, who has ruled since a military coup in 1989.

Yellow Vests protests continue in France as President Macron faces a growing crisis

The holiday season hasn’t ended the Yellow Vest revolt in France.

What’s behind the militant protests rocking Hungary’s right wing government?

Thousands of people have taken to the streets of Budapest against the right wing Hungarian government’s draconian new labour law.

Pressure on Israeli prime minister Netanyahu could move him to right

A combination of imperialism, racism and political manoeuvring could push Israel’s government towards launching a fresh wave of violence in the Middle East.

The Yellow Vests have shown the power of resistance

French president Emmanuel Macron’s attempt to break and divide the Yellow Vest movement by making small concessions has spectacularly failed

Rama drama ding dong as fees hike brings a massive palaver to Tirana

Student protests over a proposed university tuition fee rise have rocked the Albanian government.

Yellow Vest protests unbroken by state violence

Yellow Vest protesters fought massive police repression in France on Saturday

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