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How Trump plans to bin key abortion regulations—and how he can be beaten back

Activists are ready to fight the attacks on a woman’s right to choose

European Union leaders unveil new plan to lock out refugees

The European Union (EU) told rescue boats to let refugees drown in the Mediterranean last week.

Borders trap refugees in Syria

Thousands of people have fled after the Syrian regime and Russian forces launched a fresh assault on rebel-held Daraa in south west Syria

The west aims to co-opt Iranian protests

Fresh protests have erupted in Iran over a lack of drinkable water and the plunging value of the currency

A victory for the left in Mexico’s election

Presidential elections have upset the rich—but it isn’t clear what changes will follow

Protests erupt to challenge Trump’s racist border laws

Protests gripped towns and cities across the US on Saturday as hundreds of thousands of people demanded an end to Donald Trump’s brutal border policies. Some 700 demonstrations were recorded.

New York victory shows we need to ‘organise to fight back’ says US socialist

Socialist Worker spoke to Sam Dean, a member of the Los Angeles branch of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA). He said Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s victory can act as a focus for resistance.

US activist speaks out about huge victory for socialists in New York

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez beat one of the US Democratic Party old guard, Joe Crowley, in an internal party election, a primary, earlier this week. She was endorsed by the Democratic Socialists of America, a social-democratic party with ties to the Democrats.

Democratic socialist unseats political establishment in New York in stunning victory

A major upset has rocked the US Democratic Party. Democratic Socialists of America-backed Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez won a primary—an internal party election—against all the odds.

Nationalism fuels new rise of Golden Dawn Nazis in Greece

Nick Clark spoke to activists in Greece about taking on fascist Golden Dawn and the racist policies of the European Union

Palestinians rage against Palestinian Authority sanctions in Gaza

Palestinians in the West Bank, Lebanon and Jordan have protested to demand that the Palestinian Authority (PA) lifts its sanctions on Gaza.

Election win in Turkey solidifies Erdogan’s rule

Recep Tayyip Erdogan claimed re-election as Turkey’s president on Sunday in a triumph for his tactics of repressing opposition forces and gagging the media.

5,000 anti-racists crash the Chancellor’s party on World Refugee Day in Austria

Austrian right-wing Chancellor Sebastian Kurz faced furious anti-racist demonstrators this week

Erdogan under pressure as voters go to polls in Turkey

 President Erdogan would be forced into a run-off if he secures less than 50 percent of the first round votes.

Air France workers join the strike wave

Air France workers were set to begin a strike this weekend in their latest round of action over pay.

Saudis use British bombs to brutalise Yemeni port

People in Yemen face war, starvation and disease—and Britain must share the blame, says?Charlie Kimber

Protests force concessions in Jordan

Jordan’s new prime minister, Omar al-Razzaz, said last week he would drop a proposed tax law.

Resistance as French strikers take to the streets

Workers need to heap pressure on the Macron government and build the fightback, says?Charlie Kimber

Human chain is a show of Basque solidarity

Around 175,000 people joined hands in a human chain stretching 125 miles last Sunday across the Basque country in the Spanish state.

Push back the rise of the far right across Europe

Right wing governments in Europe are driving through a racist clampdown against Muslims, migrants and refugees.

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