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Algerian students reject ruling clique

Thousands of students broke through police lines to storm government buildings in Algiers on Sunday.

Chelsea Manning needs solidarity as she faces revenge of US state

Chelsea Manning has been jailed again for contempt of court after refusing to testify to an inquiry into the WikiLeaks website.

Brazil protests show people have power to bring down far right Bolsonaro

Huge protests gripped university campuses in Brazil on Wednesday in the biggest challenge to far right president Jair Bolsonaro since his inauguration at the beginning of the year.

Sudan’s generals suspend talks with opposition as they try to cling on to power

Sudan’s military rulers have suspended talks on moving the country towards civilian rule in a bid to demobilise the movement that toppled dictator Omar al-Bashir last month. 

‘We’re organising the revolution’—eyewitness from the Sudanese sit-ins

A month after protests forced out dictator Omar al-Bashir, the fate of Sudan’s revolution remains on a knife-edge.

Israeli murder in Gaza Strip

Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu said his military is “preparing to continue” its violence in Gaza following an assault that killed at least 25 Palestinians.

Sit-ins and strikes win more support in Sudan

A strike at Sudan’s government-owned SEEN Flour Company in Red Sea state near Port Sudan has sharply posed the challenges for the continuing uprising.

Juan Guaido’s coup fails in Venezuela - but threat against Maduro remains

Juan Guaido’s abortive coup in Venezuela this week would go down in history as a pathetic spectacle if it wasn’t so dangerous.

GALLERY - Yellow Vests and trade unionists together in Paris on 1 May

Unity against president Macron defied the police in France

Yellow Vests and trade unionists defy cops together on May Day

Hundreds of thousands of people defied police repression to march on May Day in France

Donald Trump’s attacks on migrants - more reasons to protest against his visit in June

Racist US president Donald Trump is coming to Britain in June for a state visit. And apparently he’s keen to give people here more reasons to oppose him.

Polish school workers’ leaders retreat

A historic strike of teachers and other school and nursery workers has been unnecessarily ended by the leaders of the Polish Teachers’ Union (ZNP), the biggest union involved.

Spanish elections: the mainstream right shattered, but the far right rises

Elections in the Spanish state on Sunday saw the victory of the Labour-type party but also the entry into the congress of the far right VOX party

Protests grow bigger in Algeria despite brutal police crackdown

A protester in Algeria has died in hospital of injuries sustained while protesting. Yettou Ramzi’s relatives said this was because he was beaten by police.

Yellow Vests take on the cops as protest numbers rise

Riot police and Yellow Vest protesters battled in the centre of Paris last Saturday as numbers on the streets rose for the second week in a row.

Brutal state repression lies behind horrific attacks in Sri Lanka

At least 290 people were killed and hundreds more injured in a series of eight bomb attacks in Sri Lanka on Sunday.

Schools out in Poland as 600,000 join strikes

Poland has been struck by the biggest all-out walkout in over 25 years, reports Andy Zebrowski

The Yellow Vest struggle to reinvent democracy in France

Richard Greeman, a Marxist writer and activist best known for his work on Victor Serge, reports from France

Protests grow in Sudan as military refuse to step aside

Sit-ins, demonstrations and workers' protests are spreading across the country

Sudan sit-in shows how ordinary people can run society and win real change

Sudan’s ruling class is desperately trying to reassert control as protests continue demanding fundamental change.

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