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Fresh war threats from Israel

Palestinians in Gaza were bracing for another assault by Israel as Socialist Worker went to press on Tuesday.

Irish repeal movement’s historic win deals blow to bigotry

Irish voters delivered a ­landslide two to one vote to repeal the 8th Amendment and liberalise abortion laws last Saturday.

Protests in France continue against Macron’s attacks

Big marches took place across France, showing the continuing readiness to fight President Emmanuel Macron’s “reforms” that attack workers and aid the rich.

Left candidate leads polls ahead of Mexico election

Elections set to take place in Mexico on 1 July could deliver a left wing president in the shape of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

Greek general strike set to bring country to standstill

Public and private sector workers in Greece are set to walk out on a general strike on Wednesday.

Germany: 70,000 anti-racists protest against far right AfD in Berlin

The protests were supported by over 120 organisations including the Labour-type SPD, Die Linke, the Greens, trade unions, Muslim organisations, refugee groups and cultural groups.

Victory for abortion rights in Ireland

The result was conclusive. Over 66 percent voted Yes to repeal the anti-abortion clause in the constitution.

France - fury on the streets as strikers are united against President Macron

A wave of revolt has swept France with unions, students and the left uniting, reports Charlie Kimber

President Nicolas Maduro wins re-election

Venezuela’s left wing president Nicolas Maduro was re-elected with 67.7 percent of the vote on Sunday.

Spain faces a fresh crisis over Catalonia

A new political crisis was looming this week for Spanish Tory prime minster Mariano Rajoy over Catalonia and a crucial budget vote.

Protesters portrayed as "rioters", but it's heroic to resist Israel's occupation

Israel and its supporters blamed the deaths on Monday on Palestinians. They demonised the Palestinians for resisting the occupation.

Tories cosy up to Erdogan during visit and promise weapons for his assaults

The Tories and the queen rolled out the red carpet for Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan just as he is intensifying his crackdown on democratic rights and the Kurdish people

More strikes needed in France to smash Macron’s assault on workers

Impressive strikes and protests in France show how to fight back. But now is not the moment for unions to retreat

Israel’s missile strikes threaten major war with Iran

Donald Trump’s decision to impose new sanctions on Iran has already led to a frightening escalation of competition in the Middle East.

Refugees suffer as governments collude to keep them out at all costs

Horror stories from refugee camps in Greece and Libya have revealed the cruelty of the European Union’s (EU) border policies.

Trump threatens to escalate dangerous tensions in Middle East

US president Donald Trump is threatening a return to direct confrontation with Iran—amid growing tensions and the threat of war in the Middle East

Greek strikers and protesters show anti-austerity fight goes on

Health workers, power workers, pensioners and mining workers were all on the streets. But coordination is lacking.

Western bombs kill 40 Yemenis as Saudi Arabian-led attacks continue

At least 20 people were killed when an airstrike by the Saudi Arabian-led coalition hit a wedding party in northern Yemen last weekend.

Anti-austerity fury in Greece ahead of strikes against free market reforms

Hospital workers, council workers and teachers across Greece were set to march and strike together on Wednesday this week.

New injury trend for Palestinian victims of Israel as troops continue assault

Israeli soldiers killed four Palestinians, including a 14 year old boy, and wounded more than 150 others last Friday.

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