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Mexico’s new left president already faces challenges

For many of the tens of millions of Mexicans who live in grinding poverty Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador represents a hope for change

Yellow Vests protests in France defy state violence and rattle the government

The Yellow Vests movement has detonated a great movement of social protest

Mass strike in South Korea reveals widespread anger at government

Hundreds of thousands of workers in South Korea struck last week against “labour market reforms” pushed by the government of president Moon Jae-in.

Public sector strike for higher pay rocks Tunisian government

Some 650,000 public sector workers struck in Tunisia as part of their campaign for higher wages

Strikes over poverty pay after years of austerity in Greece

Workers across the private sector in Greece were set to strike on Wednesday

French cops crack down on ‘Yellow Vest’ protests

The protesters are focusing a feeling of utter disillusion with the present set-up

Cops attack protesters in France as ‘Yellow Vests’ movement grows

Thousands of French “Yellow Vests” protesters were met by police assaults, riot cop attacks and tear gas in Paris

British-backed war on Yemen kills 85,000 children

Some 85,000 children in Yemen under the age of five have are thought to have died of hunger or disease in the last three years

Web firms aid Donald Trump’s racist assault

Technology firms in the US are assisting Donald Trump’s racist assault on migrants

Binyamin Netanyahu could be toppled

Israel’s prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu could be forced into an early election as demands for a new war on Palestinians grow louder

Rising costs fuel anger on French highways

But the ‘Yellow Vests’ movement pulls in different directions, argues Charlie Kimber

Anti-fascists protest in Athens over Golden Dawn trial

Anti-fascists in Greece protested outside the Court of Appeal in Athens on Tuesday.

Israel rains bombs on Gaza in new clampdown

Israel’s leader Binyamin Netanyahu threatens a new war amid fresh attacks on Gaza, says Nick Clark

British royal visit to Nigeria after mass killing of peaceful marchers

Prince Charles visited Nigeria in West Africa this week in the aftermath of a horrendous state massacre.

Donald Trump tells soldiers to shoot migrants arriving at US’s south border

Racist US president Donald Trump has sent soldiers to the country’s southern border—threatening that they’ll shoot migrants from countries such as Honduras and El Salvador.

Brazilian socialist speaks out - ‘The workers’ movement can beat Bolsonaro’

Brazilian socialist Sandra Silva spoke to Socialist Worker about how people are resisting in the wake of Bolsonaro’s win

International round-up - Anti-racist action across Italy and German forest under threat

“In my country nobody is a foreigner!” This slogan summarised a day of national mobilisation in Italy on Saturday last week.

Ten dead in latest wave of Israel’s slaughter

Over 100 airstrikes blighted Gaza in just one night, but Palestinians are still resisting, says Nick Clark

Racism from Donald Trump lies behind attack on synagogue in Pittsburgh

Eleven people were murdered on Saturday in the deadliest single attack on Jewish people in the history of the US.

Resistance needed after far right victory in Brazil

Jair Bolsonaro took around 55 percent of the vote and threatens to unleash brutal attacks on working class people

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